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November 09, 2007 13:53 ET

The Junior Reviews Focusing on Gravity West Mining Corp., Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc., and Constellation Copper Corporation

Review of the Juniors

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Maybach Financial Group is a syndicate of investment researchers compiling research from major analysts and fund managers. Our focus is to give investors the financial advantage necessary to sustain profit all markets. This week, to gauge the outcome of the markets, we are focusing on Gravity West Mining Corp. (TSX-V: GRW), Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (TSX: TCM), and Constellation Copper Corporation (TSX: CCU). For the full report, visit

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After seeing continued losses Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned he expects a raft of economic troubles will cause business growth to slow, stocks continued their slide downward today.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration predicted oil consumption will rise in the fourth quarter and next year despite higher prices, and that inventories will fall. This contributed to the rise in oil futures to a new record above $97 a barrel Tuesday. Bombings in Afghanistan and an attack on a Yemeni oil pipeline compounded the supply concerns that have driven crude prices higher in recent weeks, further led by a government prediction on Tuesday that domestic oil inventories will fall further this year while consumption rises. Since then, oil has had a slight pullback to $95.96 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The weak dollar, which fell to a new low against the Euro Tuesday, is also lifting oil prices. The dollar has been hitting multiple-decade lows against other major currencies, and slid again against the Euro on Thursday.

Oil futures offer a hedge against a weak dollar, and oil futures bought and sold in dollars are more attractive to foreign investors when the greenback is falling. The dollar reached yet another record low against the Euro Tuesday.

Meanwhile, concerns about inflation persisted. Gold prices neared 27-year high of $825 an ounce yesterday, rising $14. On Wednesday, December gold surged again up $16.60 to $840 an ounce on the Nymex.

Gravity West Mining Corp. (TSX-V: GRW) remained relatively unchanged in early afternoon trades but has been rising since late October. It continued its rise yesterday after announcing the results of the first phase of diamond drilling on the company's Voltaire Lake property in the Sibley basin, 150 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Drill holes have intersected massive sulphides including chalcopyrite in unmapped basement rocks that are buried under a cover of Sibley sediments and a diabase sill. The basement geology that has been revealed contains environments that are favourable for gold, volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) and nickel-copper PGE mineralization. For a limited time only, gain access to Maybach to keep updated and receive our reports free of charge with no credit card or payment information required. Visit for your free subscription.

Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (TSX: TCM) has been on a steady climb since the beginning of this year and remained relatively unchanged despite announcing lower molybdenum production after in their Q3 results and revised outlook for the company.

Constellation Copper Corporation (TSX: CCU) fell sharply yet again today, down over 24% in early afternoon trades to a day-low of $0.20. Constellation Copper has seen their share value dwindle since the beginning of this year. Today they hit a new 52-week low after reporting that it has been delayed in filing its interim financial statements for its third quarter ended September 30, 2007 and Management Discussion & Analysis related thereto by the required filing date under applicable Canadian securities laws, namely November 14, 2007. The delay is attributable to the status of the Company's evaluation of various strategic financing alternatives and methods of conserving cash previously announced on September 18, 2007. Management of the Company believes that certain decisions may be made in the near term that could significantly impact the presentation of the Company's financial statements, and if made, the actual impact will take time to determine in order to prepare the appropriate financial statements. Visit to keep updated and receive a complimentary subscription plus two bonus reports.

After witnessing the recent plunge in the markets influenced by the resource sector, the falling housing slump and employment issues, smart investors and hedge funds are shifting interests into other sectors.

The markets are changing and investors are scared. The Bull Run that we have been use to over the past four years is starting to become more like a stampede in the other direction.

Stock markets are normally volatile, but investors have enjoyed a four-year run of below normal volatility and steady upward movement. Ups and downs, yes. But the Bull Run has been great over the past three to four years and has not ended as abruptly as many have predicted.

But while the end of the Bull Run has been predicted for more than a year, long-term investors shouldn't be worried. Of course, only if you know what you are doing.

First off, don't throw all your eggs into one basket.

Secondly, and most importantly, pick winners that last.

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We've seen oil markets spike, we've seen oil markets fall. We've seen wars, we've seen terrorist attacks. Chances are that the events that occur have a short term impact when you consider the overall factors of a 5-year forecast.

Most investors -- and unfortunately far too many brokers -- go on a buying spree the minute a rally starts in a particular sector. Correspondingly, they panic at the first sign of a downturn and tend to sell off some great stocks -- right before the dead cat bounces.

But Maybach isn't about day-trading and making money fast. It's about being patient and learning the secret of how to get rich slowly. Visit to See Special Report #1: The Pick of the Decade -- free when you sign up! or visit for your free subscription and BONUS reports.

It's also about adding stocks to your portfolio that have little or no effect against the state of the economy.

It's about technology

The world as we know it has changed. Gone are the days of tradition and old school values. Thanks to technology, people no longer communicate via a simple phone call or meet their life partners in social settings. Take a look at some of the most recent headlines.

Technology has been the only sector continuing its steady climb and relatively unaffected by economic pressures.

Social networking and user-generated content has taken over the world. And big shot web start-ups have become multi-billion dollar profits for their creators and shareholders.

We all know that the tech boom is back and back with a vengeance with Web 2.0 start ups leading the way.

The big boys are snapping up the little ones much like Microsoft did in their early Windows days. The next few years are going to be intense and believe us when we say that, "the tech boom is back and bigger than EVER!"

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