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December 08, 2005 09:00 ET

Juniper Networks Teams up With IPv6 Summit to Release IPv6 Best Practices Research Report

US IPv6 Summit 2005 Exclusive Conference Luncheon Features Federal Government Leaders Discussing Transition to IPv6 and the Opportunities of Revolutionary 'New Internet'

RESTON, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 8, 2005 -- US IPv6 Summit 2005 -- The IPv6 Summit, Inc., organizer of world-class conferences targeting innovation and strategic communication via IPv6, will release a report, The IPv6 Best Practices World Report: A Guide for Federal Agencies Transitioning to IPv6, in collaboration with Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR). A panel of influential Federal government and military leaders, including, Chas Phillips, Policy Counsel, Government Reform Committee, U.S. House of Representatives; Tim Quinn, Enterprise Infrastructure Division Chief, U.S. Department of Interior; Mark Evans, Navy IPv6 Transition Lead; Rod Murchison, Senior Director, Consulting Engineering & Solutions, Juniper Networks, and more convene to discuss the transition to IPv6 and the importance of its development and implementation. IPv6 Summit is a subsidiary of Innofone, Inc. (OTC BB: INFN).

The IPv6 Best Practices World Report is the first in a series that will provide a platform for synthesizing ideas from government and industry on best practices and methods of advancement, and for discussing lessons learned from other IPv6 transition efforts in the public and private sectors. It will also include practical program management models, workflow processes, and resources that agencies can use and tailor to fit company expectations. Based on analyses of IPv6 transitional approaches and interviews with leading private and public sector organizations around the world, the study's preliminary findings indicate that providing Federal agencies with detailed program management guidance on the IPv6 transition would accelerate the development and implementation of IPv6 migration strategies and tactics for transforming IPv6 policy into practice.

US IPv6 Summit 2005 is an international forum for advancing the development and implementation of next generation Internet networks, technologies, applications and policies. The New Internet, also known as Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a major upgrade to the existing Internet (IPv4, in service since 1973) that enables thousands of new operational applications and business opportunities, such as high-quality TV-over-Internet, videoconferencing, military-grade security, and always-on mobile online interaction for leadership, collaboration, office work or videogames.

US IPv6 Summit 2005 topics range from key industry trends and critical features of IPv6 for military operations to the use of this technology for the future of TV broadcasting via IPTV. The Summit features various dignified speakers as Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA), Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr., Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Dr. Gerard A. Alphonse, President of IEEE-USA. The event will also highlight how IPv6 is a critical enabling technology for the interoperability of joint military and homeland defense operations, and for the enterprise-centric operation of the entire Federal Government. The Summit will feature demonstrations of new dual-use technologies such as TV-over-IP, wireless IPv6-enabled physical security systems, sensornets with advanced smart displays, and powerline connectivity.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Juniper on the IPv6 research study and are pleased with the results," says Alex Lightman, Chairman of the US IPv6 Summit. "This report will spread awareness and demonstrate effective implementation and deployment methods for IPv6-enabled technology. The 'New Internet' (aka IPv6) is not only an upgrade to the current IPv4 service allowing support for always-on security, high-quality video-over-Internet and more, but will open doors to new technological advancements and opportunities."

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