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August 12, 2013 07:09 ET

Just Add Ice Orchids® Explains the Process of Repotting Your Orchid With Free Guide

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwired - Aug 12, 2013) - There comes a point in time where all Phalaenopsis orchids should be repotted to maintain good health and longevity throughout the plants' lives. Repotting should only occur after the Phalaenopsis orchids flowering cycle is complete. As a general rule, Just Add Ice Orchids® should be repotted every one to two years.

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Owning a Phalaenopsis orchid can be a very rewarding experience because this type of orchid is easy to grow with minimal effort, giving its owner beautiful and colorful flowers for several months! Some Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom once a year and some will have a second blooming cycle. If you want a strong orchid that will consistently rebloom, then the plant requires a strong root system -- which is one reason why repotting your orchid is so important.

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Just Add Ice Orchids are different varieties of Phalaenopsis hybrids, also called "moth orchids," within the Orchidaceae family. In nature, Phalaenopsis orchids grow new leaves in the summer and early fall, and develop new spikes during the winter. However, Just Add Ice Orchids are grown 365 days a year to be sold in stores all year round.

About Just Add Ice Orchids

Grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest, Just Add Ice Orchids are breathtaking décor for the home or work space. Just Add Ice Orchids are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and sustainable heat source. The Just Add Ice Orchids brand is committed to introducing new ideas to the market place, continuously striving to best serve consumers and the environment. Just Add Ice Orchids encourages an innovative watering method of only three ice cubes per week, per plant. For more information, visit