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October 15, 2010 12:22 ET

JustAskGemalto and Rackspace Talk Security in the Cloud

Rackspace CTO John Engates Talks About Keeping Websites Secure, Advantages of Cloud Computing, and Misconceptions About Hosting Security

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - October 15, 2010) -  In a recent ReadWriteCloud story, "Cloud Security Technology Should Exceed Expectations," editor Alex Williams states that "security is defined by how the network can be observed and protected from an attack." The responsibility for keeping the Internet safe lies with both the sites themselves and their users.

When it comes to keeping websites secure, John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, a San Antonio-based company that delivers enterprise-level hosting services, talks with JustAskGemalto and stresses the importance of fundamentals like using firewall technology regularly in addition to the following tips:

  • Patching software regularly to protect against new vulnerabilities
  • Check operating systems and entire software stack
  • Keep virus signatures up to date
  • Updated password encryption
  • Vulnerability scan from outside perspective

As hosting technologies change, such as the emergence of cloud computing, what type of vulnerabilities are involved with large scale service infrastructures? While cloud computing's pay-as-you-go model sounds like a natural fit for any growing website, Engates explains that as this new technology matures, using cloud hosting has implications on reliability and security that may not be acceptable to all sites.

Engates suggests that sites use "layered security" -- employing several different security measures like encryption and firewalls in tandem to offer their clients the most secure experience possible. However, when consumers are browsing these sites, they should exercise common sense and research a site's reputation before sharing personal information.

Details around JustAskGemalto's Interview with Rackspace's John Engates

  • Engates' interview with JustAskGemalto answers the following questions:
    • What considerations must be made to make one's website secure?
    • What recommendations are made for companies regarding the use of cloud computing?
    • What are some misconceptions with security related to web hosting?
  • John Engates joined Rackspace in August of 2000 and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Rackspace, Engates was a founder of Internet Direct, one of the oldest and largest Internet service providers in Texas.
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