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December 06, 2016 08:00 ET

JustEnough Rolls Out New Assortment Planning Capabilities

JustEnough Assortment Planning Enables Continuous Omni-Channel Planning

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - December 06, 2016) - JustEnough Software Corporation, a leading provider of demand management solutions for retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses worldwide, today announced a new version of its industry leading Assortment Planning solution. New capabilities introduced today help retailers move from seasonal planning to continuous omni-channel assortment planning so they can keep ahead of fast-changing customer preferences and demand.

Traditional seasonal retail planning has come under pressure in today's world of always connected, unpredictable and demanding consumers that expect to find what they want, whenever they want it. To survive in this age of the customer, retailers must be able to anticipate demand and sense and respond to changing demand patterns. Many are working to replace seasonal planning and one-time buys with planning that continuously adjusts to demand shifts and emerging trends and uses more frequent buys. The result is more flexible assortments that engage and delight customers.

New capabilities of JustEnough Assortment Planning that support omni-channel, continuous planning include:

  • Dynamic Clustering for Cross-Channel Assorting: Creates clusters based on key measures and attributes and then dynamically shifts the makeup of clusters based on relevant seasonal shopping patterns. The result is highly targeted assortment plans that address localized shopper needs across all stores and channels without planning assortments at the individual store level.
  • Enhanced Demand Modelling: Going beyond traditional methods of demand planning, JustEnough makes raw historical data more powerful providing enhanced demand plan recommendations that reflect the true potential of selling helping retailers to avoid over assorting and markdowns.
  • Integrated Buying and Inventory Management: Integrates stock buying and execution ensuring inventory is allocated in line with assortment plans and gets to the channel and store where it can sell for the highest possible price.
  • Assortment Smart Start: Automatically generates assortment plans based on financial targets, including open-to-buy budgets, optimizing the width and depth of assortments while accounting for carry over inventory. Placeholders are automatically created with associated sales plans, buy plans and user-definable attributes.

"We are finding retailers increasingly worried about missing trends or recognizing a trend and not being able to react quickly enough to capture the demand," said Peter Leith, vice president of product strategy, JustEnough. "The speed of retail today requires the continual planning of assortments both pre- and in-season in order to keep up with quickly changing consumer trends and demand. Retailers that embrace continual planning will experience fewer markdowns, higher revenues and increased customer loyalty."

JustEnough will showcase its new Assortment Planning version at National Retail Federation's (NRF) Retail's BIG Show 2017 in New York City, January 15-17. Attendees interested in learning how JustEnough Assortment Planning continuous omni-channel planning are encouraged to visit Expo booth 3976 or schedule a time now to meet with JustEnough experts at NRF.

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