February 20, 2007 11:00 ET

Jyve Brings Web Search to Life: World's First "Live Ask Engine" Connects People Who Know With People Who Need to Know

Brings Information in Peoples' Minds Online; Introduces Online Peer Support

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2007 -- Jyve, the world's first live "ask engine," launched today, connecting those seeking answers with real people who know. More targeted than Googling, more interactive than Jeeves and more helpful than asking "guides" with no interest in a topic, Jyve creates live conversations between people with self-defined common interests for live help and technical peer support.

"Jyve literally brings the knowledge stored in people's minds worldwide online," says Charles Carleton, co-founder of Jyve. "We're seeing all sorts of specialized search engines being introduced, but real people still know lots of things that aren't easily found on the Web. Jyve offers live access to people and what they know, a means of quickly connecting with someone who has the exact information you need or knows right where to find it."

Visitors use Jyve to get live "how to" information, assistance with Web searches and tips and advice on everything from what type of laptop to buy (and how to configure it) to learning languages, cooking, mountain biking, etc. Members can answer questions on topics of their choice, earn tips for sharing helpful information and cultivate leads for professional services, tutoring and consulting.

How It Works

When visitors to type in questions, notices are instantly sent to the desktops of logged-in members who have tagged the topic as one they are knowledgeable in. Members can then "Jyve live" by chatting on the Jyve site, or enter one-on-one conversations via IM or VoIP call. Those seeking answers can evaluate an "expert's" Jyve profile before entering into private sessions or paid transactions.

Jyve evolves the online search and business development models by introducing:

Discoverability with No Advertising Costs: Jyve offers a rare opportunity to establish global presence and credibility online with no upfront costs. Jyve profiles let members index areas of knowledge and expertise, describe their qualifications and how they like to work. With no upfront advertising costs, members can get tipped just for chatting about things they know and like, or use their presence on Jyve to generate new business leads and negotiate fees for extended transactions.

Optional/Flexible Payment: In addition to letting people rate answers, Jyve introduces the "tip jar" concept, giving those receiving helpful answers the option to express appreciation immediately afterwards. Members can also enter paid transactions for prolonged professional services using Jyve's patent-pending metering for online payment. Jyve charges nothing until members make money, generally a 10% commission per transaction.

"Peer Support" for Third Parties: Jyve is introducing the concept of Online Peer Support™, allowing manufacturers and retailers to refer their customers to the Jyve community for live help with consumer and technology products and services -- Blackberries, Skype, mountain bikes, musical instruments, etc.

Manufacturers, retailers and service providers can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and create "upsell" opportunities without increasing support costs. Those who support products and technologies can self-qualify themselves as proficient in a given area and receive leads on prospective new customers.

Building on Skype, "Grassroots" Success

Jyve was founded as an award-winning plug-in for Skype users and quickly attracted a grassroots community of 30,000 members in 50 countries worldwide. Jyve was recently included in Skype's Extras 3.0 suite and continues to bring members of the Skype community together to share information. As the world's first live "ask engine," Jyve extends the use of free, Web-based communications to eclipse static search tools.

About Jyve

Jyve was founded in 2004 to bring the knowledge stored in peoples' minds worldwide online. Based in San Francisco and privately held, Jyve offers members the opportunity to build presence, credibility and business networks online with no upfront costs, and gives manufacturers and service providers a means of extending "peer support" to customers without adding internal resources. Jyve holds two provisional patents for "productizing knowledge" & metering time using Voice-over-IP and Instant Message (IM).

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