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August 14, 2007 13:31 ET

K&G Debt and Credit Professionals: Debt Elimination is Possible

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2007) - 85% of consumers are only one or two paycheques away from bankruptcy. With a highly inflated real estate market over the past half decade and increasing interest rates, many consumers are teetering on the edge of financial destruction. Debt Arbitration expert Bonnie Krisher, founder of K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, uses the power of consumer legislation together with failures in the consumer credit system to level the playing field between creditors and debtors. The process that she has developed provides consumers who have legitimately fallen into a debt crisis to have a large portion of their debt forgiven by their creditors.

Consumer debt is financially crippling families today, Bonnie says. It is a vicious circle and all it takes is a common life crisis, like the loss of a job, to send families out of financial stability. According to Krisher, there are three basic things every person facing a debt crisis should do:

- Protect yourself from creditors by creating a joint account with someone who is not associated with your debt; such joint accounts cannot be garnisheed.

- Protect yourself from collection companies that make harassing phone calls, by simply requesting that any further collection attempts be made in writing only.

- Protect yourself and/or your spouse by understanding your rights. For example, under Canadian law, a creditor cannot pursue you for debts that are in your spouse's name.

Unfortunately, Canadians have claimed bankruptcy for debt as low as $1000.00. Others have prolonged their debt through a long term payment plan, or consolidated it into one larger debt. Debt settlement however, offers consumers results and relief that other alternatives do not. By having a portion of their debt forgiven through this process, these people are able to start rebuilding their financial houses much sooner. Bonnie Krisher, owner of K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, goes to great lengths to educate others so that consumers can finally defend themselves and their families in the midst of a financial crisis.

Through the efforts of advocates like K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, financial institutions are at last beginning to recognize that personal debt problems are created by life's circumstances.

Bonnie Krisher

Is a renowned certified Debt Arbitrator. She is a leading expert in debt negotiation, and holds several degrees. As the founder and CEO of a debt settlement consulting firm, K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, Bonnie Krisher has authored several articles in magazines, journals and newsletters. She has been featured in the Tricity News about making a difference in peoples financial lives. Bonnie Krisher has successfully settled her clients' debts with local, national and international financial institutions. Bonnie Krisher is the author of the upcoming book 10 secrets everybody should know about their creditors.

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