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November 18, 2009 09:02 ET

K&G Debt and Credit Professionals: Low Interest Rate and Reward Point Credit Cards Are Not Enough

COURTENAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2009) - K&G Debt and Credit Professionals

76% of consumers will experience a life tragedy (hardship) that will seriously compromise their financial circumstances. With the recent economic down turn, many consumers are becoming informed applicants of credit. Canadian debt settlement expert Bonnie Krisher, founder of K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, uses her ongoing experience with negotiating debt settlements with creditor's, as a resource for potential customers of credit grantors. Serving much like a 'reverse credit bureau,' she assists consumers in rating the lenders by their true character and care for the consumer.

"The recent economic down turn has shocked consumers out of auto pilot credit card use into obtaining credit more cautiously," Bonnie Krisher says. The old adage that 'it would never happen to me,' is over. Consumers will start to obtain credit with the consideration that if something goes wrong that they should be with a creditor of 'good character.' According to Bonnie Krisher, there are three basic things every person applying for credit should consider:

- Does this creditor provide great customer service, or do they treat their consumer's like a minority. Individuals should perform as much research on the credit grantor's as possible.

- Has the creditor been sued or counter sued? Check what they have been sued for and whether they were found guilty.

- Ask for a word of mouth referral from a service provider that defends consumers. Such as a debt settlement expert, bankruptcy trustee, lawyer. They will have first hand knowledge of how a particular creditor treats those consumers who have experienced an unfortunate hardship and needed creditor flexibility.

With pre-authorized credit cards and line of credit applications still pouring into the homes of Canadians, the focus should shift from who has the lowest interest rates or suggested rewards, to who has the best character. Happy family pictures on the windows of creditors are for the purposes of marketing, and not a true indication of their credibility. Credit is a business transaction and consumers should know who they are doing business with.

Through the efforts of advocates like K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, consumers are being better educated on the consequences of credit and how to be informed users.

About Bonnie Krisher

Bonnie Krisher is a renowned debt arbitrator. She is a leading national expert in debt settlement, and holds several degrees. As the founder and CEO of a debt settlement consulting firm, K&G Debt & Credit Professionals, Bonnie has authored several articles in magazines, journals and newsletters. She has been featured in many newspaper articles for making a difference in peoples financial lives. Bonnie has successfully settled her clients' debts with local, national and international financial institutions.

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