May 03, 2010 08:00 ET

kCura Releases E-Discovery Review Platform Relativity Six

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 3, 2010) -  kCura today announced the launch of Relativity Six, the newest version of their e-discovery software. The release includes changes to the platform core that enhance speed and scalability, as well as innovations to end-user functionality, providing greater insight into case data.

"It's critically important to us at kCura to constantly be innovating Relativity," said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. "We've pushed ourselves with Relativity Six to provide something inspired, while staying true to the core application and our ideals with respect to delivering software: ease-of-use, flexibility and scalability, and customer service. The team has implemented hundreds of refinements to improve the functionality and increase the usability of the product."

The following are highlights of Relativity Six:

User Interface:
The Relativity user interface has been updated with a focus on users and their data. Attorneys and reviewers will benefit from improved usability and minimal training requirements. Litigation support professionals and project managers will realize time savings and better workflows for completing administrative tasks and managing cases. 

Workflow: In addition to user interface updates, a number of features such as automated document batching, combined searches, and customizable skip rules have been added to improve, accelerate, and further automate workflow in Relativity. 

Relativity Pivot: Relativity Pivot introduces completely new analysis functionality, which can be leveraged from the earliest stages of a matter to the later stages of issue review and deposition preparation. Case data can be summarized in a variety of ways, including clickable tables and charts. The interactive results allow users to drill into subsets of documents and take action, such as culling irrelevant documents, batching documents for review, and exporting a report of user findings. 

Relativity Pivot can help attorneys tell the story of a case through e-mail domain analysis, as well as by making visual such information as e-mail frequency, keyword hits by custodian, timelines, and file type distribution. Additionally, Pivot can be used to monitor the quality and progress of the review.

Relativity Analytics: Relativity Six supports the goal of making advanced search features -- like clustering and concept search -- easy to use and accessible to end-users on cases of any size. Notable enhancements include improved titling for document clusters, as well as the automation of similar document groups as a part of index creation. Document compare has been re-architected, giving users an indication of the differences between conceptually related documents. 

Relativity Six includes significant performance increases to data import, data export, productions, and searching. These increases were enabled by upgrading the application framework. Users will benefit from being able to complete process-intensive tasks in less time.

Extensibility: A published web Application Programming Interface (API) provides integration points that allow greater flexibility to customize Relativity or integrate with other core e-discovery applications. An import-specific API creates the ability to import processed data from an SQL source, allowing users to move data directly into Relativity without the need to manually export and import load files, thus reducing the risk of human error and expediting the availability of documents for attorney review.

A data transformation engine provides yet another extensibility point, allowing for metadata or full text fields to be searched and manipulated via regular expressions, populating the results in a new field. This functionality benefits Relativity Six users by providing e-mail domain analysis, but it also can be customized to provide a wide variety of case-specific solutions.

With a continued focus on providing responsive and innovative customer service, Relativity Six will introduce a single sign-on to the Relativity Customer Portal from within Relativity. The Relativity Customer Portal is a centralized, web-based resource for contacting Relativity support; viewing lists and reports of current and historical support tickets; submitting ideas and feature requests to the Relativity engineering team; viewing self-paced Relativity tutorials; and accessing all technical and end-user documentation through automated subscriptions.

"Relativity Six gives users easy ways to understand and take action on their data from the earliest phases of review through the latter stages of a case," said Jay Leib, kCura's chief strategy officer. "By combining Relativity Pivot with auto batching; enhancements to the user interface; and significant performance improvements in the areas of import, export, and search, we continue to give our users better tools for review.

"Additionally," Leib said, "newly published web APIs help attain our goal of providing not just a review application, but a flexible platform that can be customized and extended by our clients, partners, and other e-discovery software providers. We are excited to get Six in the hands of the users."

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