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October 11, 2013 15:00 ET

Kabe Exploration Inc. Letter to Shareholders

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 11, 2013) - Kabe Exploration Inc. (OTCQB: KABX)

Dear Shareholders,

The management team of Kabe Exploration is pleased to announce that we have raised debt capital from institutional investors to support the company's ongoing drilling development plans in the Mississippi Lime. We have begun initial field testing and are looking at strategic proven producing assets and oil field services companies as targets for potential acquisition to grow the company more rapidly. KABE's five-year operational plan is expected to bring 24 new oil wells into production. Each well in the area is estimated to yield 400,000 barrels of oil -- that's 9,600,000 total barrels for the project -- over a billion dollars in oil at today's prices. Immediate exploration and development of our acquired acreage of oil leases in the highly productive Mississippian field of Southern Kansas. "The investment community continues to recognize the hidden value in Kabe and is rallying around us with investment capital," says Erik Ulsteen, CEO.

About Kabe Exploration Inc.

Based in San Diego, California, Kabe Exploration Inc. is an oil & gas exploration and development company that acquires mineral rights in prolific shale plays for production.


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