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January 29, 2008 03:00 ET

Kabira Technologies Delivers Unique Flexibility With Its New Card Acquiring Solution

Kabira Payments™ 2.0 Enables Acquirers and Payments Processors to Drive New Business Growth and Deliver Value Added Payment Offerings at Extreme Transaction Processing Speeds

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Kabira Technologies Inc. (Kabira), a leading provider of high performance transaction processing software for global enterprises, today announced the availability of Kabira Payments 2.0, a solution designed to provide substantial benefits to card Acquirers and Payments Processors. Kabira brings its extreme transaction processing based payment technology to the card acquiring market to handle large scale, high-volume transaction processing. With this new offering, Kabira further enables businesses to dramatically reduce their operations costs and create new revenue streams.

Kabira Payments 2.0 has a unique architectural design that allows businesses to maintain positive margin, even on low-value transactions, because of its inherent integration across payment types. This design also ensures a higher level of consistency and resource utilization for card acquirers since common elements such as fraud detection and merchant look-up, are centralized and shared between payment types. Moreover, Kabira's low-latency infrastructure incorporates fraud-detection directly in the path of the transaction, thus improving the ability to detect attempted fraud without negatively affecting duration of the payment transaction. And, like all Kabira software solutions, Kabira Payments 2.0 is built to operate on open systems hardware, further reducing total cost of operation.

"The card acquirer market is under enormous pressure to produce alternative payment vehicles and options in order to meet stiff competition and escalating consumer expectations," said Paul Sutton, president and chief executive officer of Kabira. "However, in the haste to meet those challenges, many organizations neglected to build a high-performance system to effectively process all those different transactions types. Those organizations find themselves caught in a downward spiral of inefficiency as they are burdened with separate silos of transaction processing and fraud detection systems for each payment type. For these organizations, the goal of rapidly and cost-effectively implementing new payment offerings is presently unattainable," Sutton added.

Failure to deliver services that increase the value to their merchant base results in increased turnover. This prevents acquiring institutions from driving business growth and maintaining profitability. To address this situation, Kabira Payments 2.0 is architected with unique memory resident technology that enables Acquirers and Payments Processors to tap into information regarding payment types, merchant profile and class of products purchased. This allows businesses to deliver real-time value-added services to merchants without impacting the service level agreements associated with transaction processing.

"Real-time value added services enable Acquirers to build new revenue streams as well as reduce merchant turnover," explained Kaushik Roy, director of product marketing for financial services at Kabira. "For instance, Acquirers can provide merchants with real-time metrics that demonstrate performance against service-level agreement objectives, deploy multiple rules-based fraud detection techniques in real-time or offer on-the-spot discounts."

With Kabira Payments 2.0, acquiring institutions have the opportunity to fulfill the dual objectives of rapidly delivering innovative new services, while still obtaining additional operational savings.

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Kabira Technologies, Inc. ("Kabira") provides extreme transaction processing software for global enterprises. Kabira products are designed to meet the needs of highly available systems performing mission-critical business services. Kabira products can be implemented rapidly, with significantly higher performance and at substantially less cost than alternatives. Kabira has been adopted by over 70 organizations in 30 countries. Companies such as VISA, AT&T, France Telecom, Bank of America and Alcatel rely on Kabira high-performance transaction processing to support real-time product and service offerings. The company is privately held.

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