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May 06, 2008 03:00 ET

Kabira® Announces Creation of a Java™ Technology-Enabled Product to Complement Its Kabira eXtreme Transaction Platform™ Software (KXTP)

New Product Marries a Java Development Environment to the Kabira Runtime Software

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - Kabira Technologies Inc., a leader in extreme transaction processing software for global enterprises, announced today at the 2008 JavaOne™ Conference in San Francisco, California that it is building a Java technology-enabled product to work with its core product technology, the Kabira eXtreme Transaction Platform (KXTP) software. Marrying a Java technology development environment to the Kabira Runtime enables an application developer to inherit integrated transactionality, high performance, transparent distribution, persistent shared memory data, high availability and high-speed channels from Kabira's technology into native Java applications, while preserving the robustness of the Kabira runtime technology.

"Our experience over the last 12 years deploying our technology to over 100 customers in 40 countries, in some of the most demanding mission-critical customer environments around the globe, has allowed Kabira to encapsulate and harden our runtime technology," said Dirk Epperson, global vice president of strategy for Kabira. "Now that KXTP can work with an optional Java technology-based development environment, Java applications can be deployed in extreme environments that require five-nines (99.999%) reliability. Often this requires substantially less code as compared with Java EE or other POJO solutions."

KXTP enables many details to be abstracted away from the developer, so development effort is focused on custom business logic, not APIs. Environmental details can be added by configuration, so business logic code can be re-purposed to new technologies with little or no change, and application logic changes can be implemented more easily, with a higher probability of success. Epperson added, "By leveraging KXTP, Java technology and C++ modules can be seamlessly integrated into a single, orchestrated, transactional work flow."

"We believe that with Kabira, Java developers can attain robustness goals that were previously only accessible in the world of Tandem and mainframe applications," said Paul Sutton, president and chief executive officer of Kabira. "We designed Kabira technology to deliver the performance of the big, at the price performance of the small on open systems hardware like Solaris and Linux." Sutton added, "This means that with Kabira, Java applications can be delivered with real-time mission-critical performance, at a fraction of the cost and investment of existing alternatives. At the same time, this enables companies to scale to meet transaction growth or the need to support more complex transactions, easily and with more favorable impact to a company's bottom-line."

Today's announcement signals yet another advancement in Kabira's ongoing objective to deliver improved efficiency and speed for the 'Critical Middle of the IT Stack,' that is, to support mission-critical business applications that require five-nines reliability throughout, up through the level of each transaction handled.

"Kabira chose to announce this new product in its product line at JavaOne so it can tap into the experience of the developer, business and analyst communities," said Sutton. Sutton added, "Over the ensuing few weeks we will be synthesizing that input with that of our current customers and information gleaned from beta trials. Our goal is to tune our final Java technology-enabled product offering in a manner that better meets the needs of our customers."

Kabira Technologies will be exhibiting in Booth 1126 at JavaOne at the Moscone Center.

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