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September 10, 2014 16:59 ET

Kage Apothecare Introduces Nervia® to Meet the Needs of Millions of Neuropathy Sufferers, Naturally

GARDINER, NY--(Marketwired - September 10, 2014) - Kage Apothecare LLC announced today the launch of Nervia®, a natural supplement for nerve health that supports patients with peripheral neuropathy -- a condition that strikes millions of Americans, afflicting severe nerve pain in the hands and feet and is reaching epidemic proportions.

"A patented and clinically tested formula, Nervia works in multiple ways to protect patients' nerve health," said Michael Sugerman, CEO and Founder of Kage Apothecare. "Chronic inflammation from oxidative stress caused by disease and toxins creates an unhealthy environment for nerve cells," Sugerman said. "Excessive production of free radicals diminishes cells' natural antioxidant defense."

Multiple studies conducted by the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mt. Sinai and at the University of Hawaii School of Pharmacy found that Nervia completely blocked inflammatory cytokines (proteins important in cell signaling) and other key cellular messengers responsible for different types of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Nervia, a new, patented, purely vegetarian, soft-gel supplement is composed of nutrients, organic medicinal oils and botanicals needed to maintain nerve cell health and neutralize the oxidative stress and inflammation thought to affect peripheral nerve cells. This novel formula is now available for the scores of men and women who have found no adequate method of protecting their nerve cell health. Nervia takes a more targeted and scientifically valid approach to maintaining cellular health.

Sugerman said, "Its patented action helps maintain the already normal feeling you have in your feet and hands by acting on not just one, but on a variety of pathways simultaneously."

As of the official launch of the website today, Nervia is available for purchase online at (, through select physicians, neurological pain practices, independent pharmacies and health food stores.

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About Nervia®

Nervia is a patented, proprietary soft-gel that works across multiple pathways to support nerve health, which includes the blocking of inflammatory cytokines and reduction of oxidative stress. It is formulated by Kage Apothecare with diabetics in mind. Unlike other supplements targeting nerve health, Nervia does not contain any B6, which, in excess, has been shown to induce neuropathy; nor B12, which may be counterproductive to diabetic blood viscosity. In a class by itself, Nervia is based on 4 years of development and is supported by five clinical studies, which were conducted by leading doctors at major medical institutions, with state of the art technology and testing methods utilized by major pharmaceutical companies.

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