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November 03, 2015 12:15 ET

Kaleido Launches Practice Management University (PMU); Takes Financial Advisors Step by Step From 'Practices' Into 'Businesses'

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - November 03, 2015) -

  • Kaleido's PMU program is a university training program for financial advisory firms who desire to grow their businesses
  • PMU is designed for emerging firms with under $1M in revenue, as they are in the best position for growth in the current industry environment as identified by Kaleido's proprietary Kaleido Scope™ Business Assessment Tool
  • PMU offers advisors a 'Growth Game Plan' and 'Growth Syllabus' which gives firms a customized action plan, learning tools and assigns a professional business trainer that works with the firm as a teacher throughout the process

Kaleido Inc., the leading practice growth agency in the independent advisory firm space, launches Practice Management University program, a university training program to teach financial advisors how to build their businesses. PMU is designed to help firms break through growth barriers by building the foundation of their business rather than spend time and resources on superfluous, expensive moves that detract attention from deeper rooted problems that may lurk beneath the surface.

"Over the past 15 years, we have done extensive research on advisory firms and gathered a wealth of data from our Kaleido Scope™ Business Assessment tool. We have discovered that many early-stage advisory firms currently struggle to identify and implement some of the most basic components required to build a successful business," says Angie Herbers, Co-Founder at Kaleido Inc. "It's unfortunate our industry does not have more proven, unbiased teaching programs to help financial advisors build their businesses."

Most programs in the industry focus on the next 'big' idea and/or are housed in institutions who have an ulterior motive. Those programs chase trends, and advisory firms need to learn the fundamentals. Kaleido's university program shares extensive resources and knowledge with firms who desire to achieve their greatest growth potential by building a business in the way an MBA would build it. PMU is essentially an MBA for advisory firms.

Typically, advisory firms on a growth track will start to innovate in ways that are perceived as 'sexy' in the moment, such as creating additional business development positions with flashy titles, hiring the wrong people and/or adding additional service lines like 401(k)'s. Instead, Kaleido knows that firms should be focusing on the fundamentals of building their business, rather than adding additional expenses that erode the bottom line.

"Growth isn't sexy -- it's systematic," says Kristen Luke, MBA, Co-Founder at Kaleido, Inc. "Our university programs will give you the tools to grow your business in a methodical, organized way. The program individually teaches advisory firms, especially those with under $1M in revenue who have the desire to grow. Focusing on proven business basics while an advisory firm is in early growth stages allows owners to avoid the problems larger firms have encountered in their growth process."

Along with the launch of PMU, Kaleido is offering a complimentary 'Growth Game Plan' webinar, a resource that allows firms to identify the critical areas of their business that need to be addressed. The webinar is designed to allow firms to plan and achieve their annual goals in the areas of management, client service, human capital, sales and marketing, operations and finance by developing an actionable plan customized for each business. A live business trainer is available to answer questions in real time. The webinar will take place on November 11th at 9am PST. For more information on the 'Growth Game Plan' Webinar, please visit

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