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September 14, 2010 08:00 ET

Kalido Optimizes Flexibility, Speed and Performance With Latest Upgrade of the Kalido Information Engine for Netezza

"Cascaded Data Warehouse" Eliminates Common Trade-Off in a Single Implementation

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -

  • Kalido, the leading independent provider of data governance solutions, today announced updates to the latest release of the Kalido® Information Engine™, which enable customers to optimize their data warehouse for both fast data loading and complex query performance.

  • Driven by the need to optimize a data warehouse for both data loading and extraction, organizations have adopted a multi-layered data warehousing architecture that consists of two databases -- one optimized for data input and the other for data output.

    • These architectures often create significant resource and maintenance constraints due to the need to build and maintain a manual interface between the two systems for optimal performance.

    • Hand-coded interfaces are brittle and require manual intervention to accommodate changes to the data warehouse. This increases maintenance costs and decreases responsiveness.

    • As implementations hit the traditional limits of relational databases, companies that deploy a single database architecture are forced to choose between designing either for optimal load speed or for optimal query performance.

  • The latest release of the Kalido Information Engine automates formerly manual processes by delivering a "cascaded warehouse" -- a fully integrated multi-layered architecture -- that gives companies the ability to build a highly flexible, fully optimized data warehouse without compromise.

    • The cascaded warehouse enables customers to maintain a single development environment while choosing multiple destination platforms based on performance need. In this release, Kalido continues to support Oracle and SQL Server for development and Netezza as a destination platform. Expanded platform support is planned.

    • The upgrade allows customers to seamlessly migrate to their high performance production environment and leverage the high-speed architecture of a Netezza TwinFin™ appliance for both load and query performance.

    • The new release of the Kalido Information Engine will also be available on the Kalido KONA Information Appliance, a full-featured, pre-built and customizable information delivery solution built on top of a Kalido-branded Netezza data appliance.

In his September 13 blog post, "Kalido 'Cascades' Continue Cadence on Designed DW Development," analyst Merv Adrian of IT Market Strategy said:

  • "As more and more shops attempt to manage and optimize multi-datastore environments and attempt to bring order and governance to the proliferating chaos, Kalido's message and its modeling and metadata generation tools will increasingly resonate... the new release of the Kalido Information Engine, now generally available, begins to tackle the need for multiple instances designed for different tasks: transactional throughput and update capability on the one hand and fast query performance on the other."

Jim Baum, president and CEO, Netezza, said:

  • "Netezza customers are accustomed to lightning-fast performance in an easy-to-use appliance. This latest release of the Kalido Information Engine makes it even easier with greater automation, agility and business value all in a single data warehouse."

Bill Hewitt, president and CEO, Kalido, said:

  • "By introducing a cascaded warehouse, we are providing customers greater flexibility and optimization options at a time when data volumes are exploding and the demands of business users are growing faster than ever. Along with our fully integrated MDM capabilities, the Kalido Information Engine on Netezza once again increases performance to deliver the most agile, comprehensive, fastest time to value product in the market today."

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