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June 17, 2013 08:00 ET

Kaminak Drilling Confirms High Potential at Connector Zone and Extends Supremo T2 Zone 750 Metres Along Strike to Join With Latte

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 17, 2013) - Kaminak Gold Corporation (TSX VENTURE:KAM) today announced results for 37 drill holes from the ongoing 2013 drilling campaign at the Coffee Gold Project, Yukon Territory. Drilling successfully intersected gold mineralization in 32 out of the 37 drill holes and identified new, shallow, predominately oxidized gold-bearing structures within the Supremo-Latte area which is host to the majority of the 3.2Moz NI 43-101 Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate consisting of 64 million tonnes grading at 1.56 grams per tonne gold ("g/t Au") at a base case cut-off of 0.5g/t Au for Oxide and Transitional material and a 1g/t Au cut-off for Sulphide material. Specifically, drill results are presented from the Connector Zone where the Supremo T2, T3 and T4 zones intersect the Latte East trend, and from the Supremo T1 and T2 zones.


  • Supremo - Latte Connector Zone: Multiple oxide gold-bearing structures intersected within this complex fracture zone marking the intersection point between the Supremo and Latte mineralized structures. Results include: 4.49 grams per tonne gold (g/t Au) over 7.62 metres from 38.10 metres downhole; and 7.85g/t Au over 3.05m from 94.49m. Additional drill testing to better understand the overall potential of this prospective new interpreted dilation zone will be completed in the coming weeks.

  • T2: Drill testing south along the T2 trend was established as a priority of the 2013 drilling campaign, given its close proximity to T3 and the potential for accessing both T2 and T3 from a single open pit, click link: http://kaminak.com/_resources/T2_Drilling_objective.pdf. Drilling successfully intercepted additional, near surface oxide gold mineralization and extended T2 750m to the south (total strike length now exceeding 1.5km), linking it to the Latte trend. T2 is one of at least seven parallel structures labeled T1-T7 identified within the Supremo Zone. Drilling has now successfully extended four of these structures - T2, T3, T4 and T5 - to individual strike lengths in excess of one kilometer, and in addition, drilling has connected all of them to the east-west Latte-Double Double trend.

  • Supremo-T1-2 Link: Drilling confirmed the presence of a mineralized structure linking the Supremo T1 & 2 trends. Drill results include: 14.88g/t over 4.58m from 39.62m.

Kaminak President and CEO, Eira Thomas, commented: "Kaminak remains focused on delineating those zones within the Supremo-Latte-Double Double area that have the greatest potential to impact future mining economics. The initial results from Connector, located at the intersection of Supremo and Latte are encouraging, providing evidence of a potentially important dilation zone that will require further drill testing in the near term. Kaminak also successfully extended T2 750 metres along strike and has added proximal, near surface, oxide mineralization along the margin of the T3 conceptual pit, a primary goal of our 2013 drilling campaign. This drilling also provides further support that these deposits are all linked as part of a single, large, structurally controlled hydrothermal gold system, collectively comprising more than 10 kilometres of mineralized strike and still open".

Drilling Results

The drilling program is ongoing with one reverse circulation (RC) drill turning and a diamond core drill, which commenced drilling in late May. Almost 28,000 metres of drilling has been completed to date. Drilling is predominantly focused on targeting those areas that could positively impact mining economics by extending proximal, near surface oxide mineralization in the vicinity of the known deposits. Specifically, Kaminak is aiming to delineate additional mineralization along- and across-strike on the Supremo 'T' structures and the Latte West trend. Priority is also being given to the ongoing testing of previously undrilled geochemical anomalies in the Supremo-Latte-Double Double area. The 2013 Phase 1 exploration program remains on schedule and budget to complete 35,000 metres of drilling for $11M.

Supremo-Latte Connector Zone

The Supremo-Latte Connector Zone is interpreted to be a highly prospective area for increased deformation, fluid flow and mineralization due to the intersection of the north-south Supremo T2, 3 and 4 trends with the east-west Latte trend. Reverse circulation ('RC') drilling targeted zones peripheral to the existing resource with the aim to extend mineralization along strike, across strike and to surface.

The drill results identified new mineralized structures on the Supremo T2 and Latte trends. On Supremo T2 additional drilling across-strike on the 3300N section broadened the T2 mineralized corridor to a total of 100m across-strike comprising up to three close-spaced steeply dipping structures. When the adjacent T3 trend is also taken into account, the total width across strike further extends to 200m and comprises five stacked structures spaced at 25-100m apart. T2 intercepts on the 3300N section include: 7.85g/t Au over 3.05m from 94.49m (CFR-458), and 3.28g/t Au over 16.76m from 105.16m (CFR-462; drilled sub-parallel to strike).

Drilling also targeted the southward extension of the Supremo T2 and T3 structures towards their projected intersection with the Latte trend, but instead intersected east-west trending mineralized structures interpreted as a broadening of the overall Latte mineralized envelope to a width of approximately 50m. Latte intercepts on the 3250N fence include: 0.69g/t au over 19.82m from 9.14m (CFR-465) and 1.38g/t Au over 9.15m from 70.10m (CFR-466) (both intercepts oblique to strike).

Additional diamond core drilling is planned to further delineate the structural interpretation and to test the intersection between the north-south and east-west striking structures which may be prospective for plunging mineralized shoots.

Drilling was also completed on the eastern portion of the Latte trend with the objective to target near surface mineralization. Intercepts include: 1.41g/t Au over 22.86m from 10.67m (CFR-463) and 4.49g/t Au over 7.62m from 38.10m (CFR-464).

Supremo T1 and T2

An interpreted linking structure between the T1 and T2 trends was tested with four RC holes, adding approximately 200m along strike of near surface oxide mineralization. Intersections included: 14.88g/t over 4.58m from 39.62m (CFR-473).

The T2 structure was traced approximately 750m southwards along the interpreted strike extension of the trend based on gold-in-soil geochemistry and aeromagnetic data. This round of drilling in the southern portion of the T2 structure returned values up to 4.24g/t Au over 1.53m from 27.43m (CFR-454) and 4.44g/t over 1.53m from 96.01m (CFR-457). An oblique splay structure from the main T2 trend, which may link with the Latte North trend based on aeromagnetic interpretation, returned results including 1.09g/t Au over 10.67m from 19.81m and 2.31g/t Au over 9.14m from 106.68m (CFR-447).

Assay Table

Drill Hole Structure/Target From (m) To (m) Width (m)* Weighted grade
(g/t Au)
Connector Zone
CFR-458 T2 47.24 48.77 1.53 1.46
And T2 94.49 97.54 3.05 7.85
And T2 115.82 118.87 3.05 1.12
And T2 137.16 149.35 12.19 0.65
CFR-459 T2 1.52 3.05 1.53 2.14
And T2 108.20 112.78 4.58 1.07
And T2 147.83 150.88 3.05 3.13
CFR-460 Latte** 42.67 45.72 3.05 2.47
CFR-461 Latte No significant result
CFR-462 Latte East 36.58 38.10 1.52 1.18
And Latte 54.86 57.91 3.05 2.92
And Latte 64.01 68.58 4.57 0.93
And T2 92.96 94.49 1.53 1.64
And T2** 105.16 121.92 16.76 3.28
And T2** 129.54 138.68 9.14 2.38
CFR-463 Latte East 10.67 33.53 22.86 1.41
CFR-464 Latte East 30.48 32.00 1.52 5.08
And Latte East 38.10 45.72 7.62 4.49
And Latte East 51.82 54.86 3.04 2.26
And T2? 120.40 123.44 3.04 1.50
CFR-465 Latte** 9.14 28.96 19.82 0.69
And Latte 35.05 38.10 3.05 1.18
And T2 57.91 64.01 6.10 3.18
And T2? 97.54 100.58 3.04 0.94
CFR-466 T3 45.72 48.77 3.05 2.49
And Latte 70.10 79.25 9.15 1.38
And T2? 181.36 182.88 1.52 1.86
CFR-467 T2 27.43 32.00 4.57 1.29
And T2 38.10 39.62 1.52 3.14
And T2 65.53 71.63 6.10 2.28
And T2 108.20 112.78 4.58 1.61
And T2 137.16 140.21 3.05 1.15
Supremo T2 Zone
CFR-439 T2 West 35.05 36.58 1.53 1.71
CFR-441 T2 West 22.86 24.38 1.52 1.70
And T2 West 71.63 74.68 3.05 0.89
CFR-442 T2 West 79.25 82.30 3.05 2.69
CFR-443 T2 West 80.77 83.82 3.05 1.96
And T2 West 118.87 120.4 1.53 7.11
And T2 West 152.40 153.92 1.52 3.24
CFR-444 T2 West 25.91 27.43 1.52 1.53
And T2 West 32.00 36.58 4.58 0.91
And T2 West 124.97 126.49 1.52 2.09
And T2 West 150.88 152.40 1.52 2.17
CFR-445 T2 West 24.38 25.91 1.53 1.44
And T2 West 100.58 102.11 1.53 2.69
And T2 West 121.92 123.44 1.52 5.59
And T2 West 132.59 134.11 1.52 2.22
CFR-446 T2 124.97 126.49 1.52 1.12
CFR-447 T2 West 19.81 30.48 10.67 1.09
And T2 West 106.68 115.82 9.14 2.31
CFR-448 T2 169.16 170.69 1.53 1.57
CFR-449 T2 179.83 181.36 1.53 1.64
CFR-450 T2 156.97 158.5 1.53 1.92
CFR-451 T2 62.48 64.01 1.53 0.81
CFR-452 T2 No significant result
CFR-453 T2 105.16 106.68 1.52 1.16
CFR-454 T2 27.43 28.96 1.53 4.24
CFR-455 T2 71.63 73.15 1.52 1.03
CFR-456 T2 No significant result
CFR-457 T2 96.01 97.54 1.53 4.44
Supremo T1 & T2 Zone
CFR-471 T1-2 Link 27.43 33.53 6.10 1.35
And T1-2 Link 44.20 45.72 1.52 4.94
CFR-472 T1-2 Link No significant result
CFR-473 T1-2 Link 39.62 44.20 4.58 14.88
And T1-2 Link 96.01 99.06 3.05 1.30
CFR-474 T1-2 Link 42.67 44.20 1.53 0.74
Supremo T4 Zone
CFR-468 T4 184.40 185.93 1.53 3.79
CFR-469 T4 62.48 65.53 3.05 2.39
CFR-470 T4 33.53 39.62 6.09 2.01
Latte North Zone
CFR-438 Latte N No significant result
CFR-440 Latte N 32.00 33.53 1.53 1.24
* True width estimated at approximately 2/3 down-hole length.
** Intercept drilled sub-parallel or oblique to strike of mineralized structure

All maps, sections and assay sheets are currently available on the Kaminak website, www.kaminak.com.


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