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April 03, 2013 14:52 ET

Kandessa Digital Goes Three-Pointer With Launch of National Foodservice Management Magazine Chain Pulse

Boston's Digital Marketing, Custom Content and Foodservice Media Services to Launch Chain Pulse Magazine as Parent Eyes Capital Infusion

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2013) - Kandessa Digital will launch Chain Pulse Magazine in web format April 24 ( concurrently with the Android-powered mobile launch of Digital Chain Pulse. The web launch of the multi-segment foodservice trade publishing brand will be available through a new, news app and will be accompanied by a re-launch of the web-interactive edition of Digital Chain Pulse, for web-browser subscribers.

Launching its news app for Eatery Pulse Magazine just this month, Kandessa is going for the proverbial "three-point basket."

Chain Pulse Magazine, in web format is the re-incarnation of its national news platform for top industry management and culinary executives. In beta format, its 53,000-annual readership pace has puzzled pundits about industry-wide acceptance of emerging publishers.

Its news app, coming from a platform that was voted best news app two years in a row, will put top industry insights and best practices for foodservice management, from Los Angeles to Boston, in palm-size and tablet format.

"What we know in Boston is that innovation drives success and is a catalyst for change within any vertical," says Rick Zambrano, Kandessa Digital managing director. "For that reason, we've scheduled double launch of our informed, inspired national, foodservice news in honor of hardworking industry professionals, on the heels of a regional news app launch for Eatery Pulse.

Emerging Millenial industry managers and seasoned restaurant executives will enjoy Kandessa Digital's restaurant news app, and connect to its online news sites. Kandessa Digital is already at 60 percent of readership goal after Q1, sans news app, and has said it will touch the careers of 100,000 industry readers by Q3.

"We'd also like to break off our mobile and digital platform, particularly in light of more than 40 percent growth for that media," says Zambrano. "For that reason, Kandessa's parent is now considering strategic options." Kandessa's focus on engaging, quality content has resonated well with industry readers and provided a learning and marketplace platform of foodservice-specific information services.

Kandessa Digital runs several high-impact services for the industry, including organic trade news, commentary on foodservice best practices, mobile industry news, and added custom content publishing, advertorials, and digital marketing services this year. Advertising started in earnest in 2012, and is expected to make up only 20 percent of 2013 revenues.

Says Zambrano, "We'd like to accelerate what we've started. We've learned that through technology, you can innovate and improve a product for the benefit of end users and stakeholders with much fewer resources than you'd think. Because we've set June as the month for infusion, it's important to stay on schedule and start a review process now."

For marketers, Kandessa Digital's restaurant news app and content marketing services, born, bred and honed in the foodservice channel, are expected to be precursors to social and further marketplace integration of its differentiated content. Capitalization and mentorship are expected to fuel growth of the content platform.

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