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July 01, 2013 11:03 ET

Kandessa Digital Launches New Digital Mag, Restaurant Marketing and Support Services for D.C.-Area Restaurateurs

Foodservice Marketing and Media Services Firm Completes Integration of Services and Offers Kandessa Marketplace to D.C. First Along With New Mobile-Digital Magazine

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2013) - Kandessa Digital is excited to announce a campaign for Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland. It will proudly promote and offer new Marketplace services and Restaurants and Franchising Magazine. The new magazine and portfolio of services are dedicated to providing sponsored content, +social media, press release distribution and translation services for foodservice operations and restaurants.

The new magazine, Restaurants and Franchising, is a mobile-digital publication that will be released in August on the Apple, Windows 8 and Google Play (Android) stores through the Kandessa Web+Digital Restaurant News App™. Like Digital Chain Pulse, Restaurants and Franchising covers innovation ideas in foodservice, but with a special emphasis on culinary and franchising topics.

Since 2009, Kandessa Digital has become well-apprised of foodservice industry best practices and creates and grows compelling, engaging foodservice trade publications that offer trend-based news and best-practice-based insights to restaurant management.

Kandessa's first advertorial publication, Restaurants and Franchising, embraces sponsored content balanced by its organic (journalistic) news and analyst-level insights in food trends. In-depth stories on culinary and menu trends, combined with information about restaurant franchising and major franchisors, keep top restaurateurs informed for FREE.

The campaigns in the D.C.-area incorporate mailings with in-person canvassing. Moreover, Boston-based campaign in Massachusetts will later be introduced in late July. Restaurateurs yearn for fresh insights into the business of foodservice and benefit from services that are tailored in a hyper-local (having information for a specific community or trade area) manner.

"The new magazine is an extension of our existing free foodservice publications," says Rick Zambrano, Kandessa Digital director. "By launching in the vibrant D.C. market, we embrace our hyper-local nature. Kandessa combines in-person campaigns and consulting with digital, sustainable news and information services to support everyday foodservice operators in various ways."

In addition to the magazine's campaign, the Boston-based marketing and media service firm launches Kandessa Marketplace in D.C. first. It will bring an inspired marketplace of products and services for restaurateurs.

With nearly 12 marketing partners and clients providing high-impact marketing and operational services for restaurateurs, Kandessa is becoming a funnel for restaurateurs to find products and marketing, operational and information services. Kandessa Marketplace offers the following:

  • Social media campaign and management
  • Menu development, inventory and food costing
  • Press release writing and distribution through a top tier wire service
  • Translation services of documents and manuals to Spanish and French
  • Food blogs, microsites and e-newsletter campaigns
  • Loyalty programs
  • Group buying programs
  • Social deals
  • Sales and marketing concierge services
  • In August, Kandessa will release phase II of Marketplace: a directory listing site and a catalog or products.

Kandessa has begun working on phase II and will leverage a growing database of companies and suppliers.

"Marketplace is like having a consultant in your app or in a smartphone screen," adds Zambrano. "For restaurateurs, it is no-frills consulting that is easy to access and based on more than a decade of foodservice expertise. Restaurateurs want to pay for efficacy, not for three-piece suits or big offices, so in the digital age, we know it is the right solution to touch more business and careers and help them succeed."

For a limited period of time, D.C. and Boston-based restaurateurs can request a free one-hour in-person or phone consultation. The offer expires July 16. Please register at

Zambrano says, "We're gaining momentum as one of the few to offer a fully-services-integrated foodservice publishing and information platform for foodservice management. Restaurateurs face little cost barriers and an empathic and capable partner to succeed this year through our information services, which are released on the #1 voted news app, and through our in-person services via Kandessa Marketplace."

Signing up for Restaurant News App and Restaurants and Franchising subscriptions is quick, easy and free for the first 10,000 subscribers at

Start today with Kandessa Marketplace or Restaurants and Franchising Magazine

Franchisors and restaurant-facing marketers will want to review the solutions kit at

For restaurant owners and marketers who intend to get operational & marketing support or launch campaigns to build business, Kandessa Marketplace is specifically designed to help achieve their goals. They can start their journey at or review the informational packet at

About Kandessa ondemand, Web+Digital and Kandessa Marketplace

Operating in the premium foodservice news space, the Kandessa Digital information services brand provides multifaceted business intelligence to foodservice management across Boston to Los Angeles. Through its national publication label, Chain Pulse, regional Eatery Pulse Magazine for New England and its mobile-digital counterparts on Restaurant News App, nearly 100,000 foodservice directors, owners and managers will access information and services to run better businesses in 2013.

Kandessa ondemand creates compelling, engaging, and informative content in the foodservice channel. Together with Kandessa Marketplace, marketing clients access a range of solutions across a cumulative 20 product and service categories to run better businesses as a result of Kandessa's proven capabilities: informed, inspired custom content, digital and advertorial publications and content marketing solutions. +social helps foodservice businesses with inspired social media, daily deals and follow campaigns.

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