SOURCE: Kane Property Management

October 10, 2012 06:00 ET

Kane Property Management: In HOA Meetings, Order Is Key

Disruptive Behavior Can Ruin an HOA Meeting, Which Is Why the Maintenance of Order Is So Crucial; a Recent News Article Underscores This Reality, and Kane Property Management Offers Its Affirmation

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2012) - There are numerous benefits that homeowners receive from living in a cooperative community, or in a community governed by an HOA or condo association. These benefits are largely contingent upon the association itself running smoothly and effectively, however -- something that extends not just to the actions of the professional management company or the board, but to the community meetings, as well. A recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal makes note of one particular HOA-governed community in which association meetings "have turned into a three-ring circus" due to disruptive behavior and a general lack of order. The article has won the attention, and the affirmation, of a firm called Kane Property Management.

Kane Property Management is a Chicago-based company that provides professional, cost-effective community management services to condominium associations and cooperative communities throughout the city. The company is owned and operated by Dennis R. Kane, who has worked in property management for more than 30 years. Mr. Kane has issued a new statement to the press, responding to the article and stressing the importance of order and organization during community meetings.

"Intentionally disruptive members of HOA or cooperative associations are more common than one would think," says the Kane Property Management owner in his statement to the press. "Their reign of terror against associations is usually legendary and tenured."

Mr. Kane continues by offering some practical tips for members of the HOA as they deal with disruptive community members. "Detailed records must be kept, which might include audio/video recordings, as in many cases the these incidents can result in lawsuits and counter suits, making attorneys rich at the expense of the association members."

Kane goes on to highlight the reasons why these disruptive community members can do so much damage to the community. "It is creed that there cannot be two classes of HOA members, but the disruptive type inadvertently create that situation themselves, via their provocative actions," he explains. "We all wish there were a silver bullet for the situation, but that unfortunately always seems too difficult to get into the chamber."

The Las Vegas Journal-Review article notes that associations can include language in their by-laws that gives board members the right to suspend disruptive community members from meeting attendance. The article recommends running this language past legal professionals before implementing it, however.

Kane Property Management services condo and cooperative associations throughout the greater Chicago area. The company is adamant about offering its clients the kinds of services that can help them to ensure smooth and efficient operations on a daily basis.


Kane Property Management is devoted to providing professional and cost-effective services to meet the needs of condominium, cooperative and town home associations throughout the greater Chicago area. With more than three decades of experience in property management, Dennis R. Kane, President and Owner of Kane Property Management, strives to assist clients in achieving excellent day-to-day performance and planning that will ensure the enjoyment and security of each residence, and preserve and enhance the investment value of the property.