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November 06, 2011 09:00 ET

Kansas City Veterinarian Announces Pet Acupuncture Services

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - Nov 6, 2011) - Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City, Mo. announced that it provides holistic and acupuncture services for pets. Veterinarian Dr. Billie Deam is also an International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) certified animal chiropractor. In addition to holistic pain management, the animal vet clinic also provides routine wellness care, vaccinations, spay and neuter operations, pet dentistry, grooming and boarding.

Kansas City Veterinarian Dr. Billie Deam announced that Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square provides holistic pet care services, including acupuncture. Pet acupuncture is provided at the clinic by Dr. Linda Faris who has training and experience in this holistic care offering.

"Acupuncture treatments are a natural and safe way to relieve pain in pets," said Dr. Deam. "As pets age, natural wear and tear on the joints can lead to chronic pain, preventing pets from jumping, going up and down stairs, and even walking comfortably. Pets who have sustained an injury from a traumatic accident, such as being hit by a car, may also benefit from treatment by Dr. Linda Faris."

According to Dr. Faris, acupuncture treatments work by stimulating the nerves and connective tissues within a pet's body. During a treatment session, Dr. Faris inserts thin needles into specific points on a pet's body to promote healing. Stimulating the nervous system enhances internal healing and increases a pet's natural endorphin levels, which relieves pain.

"The goal of each treatment is to focus on the underlying cause of pain and illness," said Dr. Faris. "As a holistic veterinarian, my goal is to naturally manage pain and other chronic conditions without the need for painkillers or medication."

In support of Dr. Faris' treatments, Dr. Deam said, "Oftentimes, I recommend these treatments as a complement to traditional veterinary care. For example, pets suffering from cancer may benefit greatly from enhanced pain relief, in addition to a regular chemotherapy regimen."

Kansas City holistic and acupuncture services may help relieve pain in pets when other conventional treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications, fail to work. Pets who are suffering from arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, allergic dermatitis, select reproductive problems and gastrointestinal problems may also benefit from acupuncture treatments.

According to Dr. Deam, she may recommend Dr. Faris' acupuncture treatments as helpful for healing minor injuries in athletic pets who need to be in top shape for athletic performance.

While Dr. Faris provides pet acupuncture at the animal clinic, Dr. Deam is certified by the IVCA as an animal chiropractor. Dr. Deam uses gentle, hands-on chiropractic adjustments to restore alignment to a pet's neuro-musculoskeletal system following an injury.

"While many pet owners may not be familiar with holistic and acupuncture services, these natural treatments offer a number of benefits beyond regular dog & cat surgery," said Dr. Deam. "Every pet has unique health needs, and different treatments may be better for different pets. However, I strongly encourage pet owners to learn more about holistic treatments and how this care can help pets enjoy optimal wellness throughout their lives."

Pet owners who wish to learn more about holistic and acupuncture services at the veterinary hospital may visit the clinic's website

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