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November 05, 2009 06:20 ET

Kaplan Compliance Solutions Enhances CMS G2™ With JIT Appointments, Appointment and Termination Requests for All States, and Other Features

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - November 5, 2009) - Kaplan Compliance Solutions (KCS) (, a leading provider of services and technology solutions designed to eliminate paperwork and reduce compliance risk for the insurance and securities industries, has added new features to its Compliance Management System Generation 2™ (CMS G2™) platform to enhance usability and efficiency. The new features include Just in Time appointment tracking for distributors, functionality that enables KCS clients to verify if a producer is authorized to do business in a particular state, support for all state appointment and appointment termination processing methods (including electronic and paper forms) and the ability to track business processes and events.

"Kaplan Compliance Solutions continues to add new features to CMS G2™ as we enhance our world class compliance software so our clients' onboarding and compliance processing can be more efficient and cost effective," said Kris Cope, Vice President, Sales of Kaplan Compliance Solutions. "These specific enhancements are a direct result of input from our clients and serve to meet the changing business needs of the market."

Additional details for each new enhancement are as follows:

-- Just in Time (JIT) appointment tracking for distributors. Distributors now can track JIT appointments via the CMS G2™ Database Module. JIT appointments then can be submitted once the producer has sold the first line of business, thus reducing the cost of unnecessary appointment fees for non-producing agents.

-- Producer authorization lookup. KCS clients now may check the CMS G2™ Database Module via a query from an external client system to validate if an individual producer is properly authorized to sell products in a specific state. This is done via the KCS XML standard, an automated interface between a client system and CMS G2™. The client provides the basic demographic information about a particular producer and the state, and CMS G2™ provides a real-time response back to the client identifying the active licenses and qualifications for that particular producer that they need. This determines if the producer is authorized to sell in that particular state.

-- Support for all appointment and appointment termination forms. CMS G2™ now supports all appointment and appointment termination form types, including both electronic and paper processing methods, in the Employment Management Module, the Database Module and the Transaction Module. CMS G2™ will automatically determine the correct processing method based on the state requirements and/or the appointment type requested. Clients will only need to complete the required fields for the state to process the request, eliminating the need to enter unnecessary information.

-- Track business processes and events. KCS clients can define specific business processes for individuals, firms, branches, individual/branch relationships and individual/firm relationships that can be tracked in CMS G2™. Clients can have multiple business processes in which each process has one or multiple events associated with it. The business process and events are defined by the client and are included in the CMS G2™ Ad-Hoc Reporting feature.

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