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Kaspersky Lab Americas

March 16, 2010 08:30 ET

Kaspersky Lab Launches One-Click Password Manager

Speedy Access and Premium Security to Help Unlock Your Digital Life

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - The key to truly useful computer security tools lies in matching convenience with great protection. Kaspersky Lab has stepped up to help make our digital lives that much easier, faster and safer. Today Kaspersky Lab, a world leading developer of Internet threat management solutions, announces the availability of Kaspersky Password Manager, the company's first product specifically designed to safeguard and automatically submit the passwords we use every day to access Web sites and online applications. Speedy access and excellent security combine to protect personal information and data from being lost, stolen or compromised by sophisticated malware and cybercriminals (not to mention just plain forgetfulness).

Poor password habits are not theoretical. In a recent independent study conducted by Forrester Research, Inc., 36 percent of respondents admitted to storing their passwords on a paper list. Additionally, 24 percent use a variation of the same username and password for all their logins. ("North American Technographics Emerging Uses Of Technology Online Survey, Q1 2009 (US)," Forrester Research, Inc., April, 2009.) When considering the valuable financial, healthcare, and personal information these passwords safeguard, such careless password practices create huge opportunities for cybercriminals or online con artists.

Here's how Kaspersky Password Manager works --

Whenever a user visits a Web site or opens a program that requires password entry, Kaspersky Password Manager automatically prompts users to save their login credentials into the software's encrypted database. The next time that Web site is visited or program is opened, Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically enter the required username and password, allowing the user to sign-in with a single click. This has several key security benefits, including:

--  Storing the password in an encrypted database -- not in the browser's
    cache memory, which is typically done and can be easily exploited by
    password thieves;
--  Eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, making users less
    likely to engage in risky shortcuts -- such as using the same password
    for every site, or writing lists of passwords next to their computer;
--  Verifying the addresses of Web sites to ensure the correct password to
    each site is used -- defeating phishing attempts that redirect users to
    cleverly forged Web sites designed to steal personal information.

Kaspersky Password Manager is built to deliver the most comprehensive combination of password security and convenience available, offering numerous advantages over both premium and 'freeware' password products.

Convenient Security

In order to access Kaspersky Password Manager, users only need to remember a single 'master password' to unlock a specific program or gain access to a site. Users can also choose to 'sign-in' to Kaspersky Password Manager using a physical token, such as a USB stick or Bluetooth device. For example, Kaspersky Password Manager can be programmed to unlock only when the user's mobile phone is connected to the PC, and when the user leaves with their phone, the software automatically locks down.

Instant Data Entry

To speed users through routine data entry, Kaspersky Password Manager can store more than usernames and passwords. Users can store personal information, such as their address, birthday or phone number, and use Kaspersky Lab's software to automatically enter that information when filling out common online forms, such as credit card purchases or registration materials.

Protection & Peace of Mind

Most users will allow their Web browser to store passwords in caches, leaving their credentials exposed to even the most basic malware. After securely saving a password for a Web site or online application, Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically delete the password from vulnerable temporary files or Web browser caches.

When creating new online access passwords, Kaspersky Password Manager will rate the strength of the chosen password, prompting users to enhance passwords that are common or easily guessed. If users are unsure how to create strong passwords, Kaspersky Password Manager can instantly create unique passwords, storing them automatically and offering the strongest possible security for any new log-in credentials.

Most computer users will access their information from more than one computer on any given day, so Kaspersky Password Manager can be loaded on a USB drive for mobile access. By simply plugging the USB into computers found in hotels, school labs, or libraries, users can access their secure password vault without installing any software to the public computer. Kaspersky Password Manager automatically deletes all traces of personal information once unplugged from the shared machine.


Peter Beardmore, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kaspersky Lab Americas

"For cybercriminals, stolen consumer passwords and personal information are the currency that fuels their black market. By keeping our users' passwords as secure as possible, we're preventing these criminals from harvesting this so-called low-hanging fruit, while at the same time making the typical online activities for the average user faster and more convenient than ever before."

How to Purchase

Kaspersky Password Manager is available for one-time purchase fee of $24.95, with no yearly license fees to renew. Users can download the product today at Kaspersky Password Manager is compatible with Microsoft's Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, and easily integrated into most common Web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. Kaspersky Password Manager is available in English or French, and includes free lifetime technical support from Kaspersky Lab's U.S.-based support center, offering support in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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