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January 05, 2011 10:00 ET

Kaspersky Lab's First Total Security Solution Makes It Easy to Centrally Manage and Protect Everyone in Your Digital Home

Kaspersky PURE Total Security Brings Unrivaled Online Security to Every PC in Your Home, Easily Managed From a Single PC

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 5, 2011) -  Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of Internet security solutions that defend against computer viruses, spyware and all forms of malicious software, today announced the addition of Kaspersky PURE Total Security to its anti-malware arsenal. This all-in-one security suite allows central management from one machine to provide total protection for all PCs in the home. Ideal for families with several PCs as well as individuals with multiple computers, Kaspersky PURE Total Security is built on the company's core of premium protection, impressive performance, and a cadre of innovative PC tools. Now, with Kaspersky PURE's unique Home Network Management, users can protect, manage and monitor every PC in their household to more comprehensively protect their most valuable digital assets.

Kaspersky PURE Total Security will be formally unveiled tomorrow at the International CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, and will be available in North American retail and e-Stores everywhere on January 24th. 

Kaspersky PURE Total Security is the Company's first security product designed specifically to protect all the PCs in a digital home. Users responsible for securing multiple PCs on a home network now have a well-packaged set of tools that's been built with their needs in mind. Kaspersky PURE Total Security is ideal for:

  • Families or couples who own several PCs
  • Parents who want to ensure their kids remain safe and responsible online
  • Anyone who wants all the online security they need in a single box.

Along with conveniently managing the safety of multiple PCs, Kaspersky Lab's new flagship consumer solution includes a new host of protection features not available before in Kaspersky Lab products to shield PCs from external attacks, user errors and data loss. 

World-Class Protection
Kaspersky PURE Total Security uses the features that have made the Company's core products -- Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security -- the hottest-selling consumer security software in the U.S. retail market. This includes immediate urgent updates and standard hourly updates, cloud-enabled scanning, and the strongest combined reactive and proactive malware detection available today. Kaspersky PURE Total Security will also include several protection technologies never before bundled in a Kaspersky Lab product, including:

  • Automated File Backup and Restore
    Protect everyone's irreplaceable digital valuables -- music, photos, critical documents, financial information -- from being lost forever. Kaspersky PURE Total Security can run file backups for the PCs in your home from a single computer, easily storing data on any external drive or USB, so you can be sure that everyone's information is properly maintained and secured.
  • Integrated Password Management
    The Password Manager found in Kaspersky PURE Total Security will store each individual's log-in passwords in an encrypted digital vault, and then automatically log you into your favorite websites and applications. Simply remember one master password, and Kaspersky PURE Total Security takes care of the rest, letting everyone in your home navigate the web faster and more securely than ever before. If you want to make your accounts safer than ever, our Password Manager can create strong, unique passwords on demand.
  • Powerful Data Encryption and File Shredder
    Encrypt your most sensitive personal information so it's never vulnerable to anyone accessing your computer, with or without your consent. When that information is no longer needed, or if a PC is being discarded, Kaspersky PURE's File Shredder application irreversibly wipes information from your system, so it can't be seen or used by hackers.

Finally! Central Online Security Management
It's what our customers have been waiting for -- an intuitively easy way to manage the security of every PC in one's home from a single PC. And best of all, you don't need a degree in network management to make sure everyone is up-to-date, backed-up and using the Internet safely. It's now a breeze with Kaspersky PURE Total Security.

Choose one PC as your "home management control center" and then centrally --

  • Set security policies for each machine.
  • Run scans on any PC in your household to make sure they're secure.
  • Perform file and machine backups remotely for everyone to protect all critical data no matter what machine it sits on.
  • Fix security issues before they become problems. Did someone disable their firewall? Immediately turn it back on without walking across the house. 
  • Administer and monitor parental controls so your kids are never outside of your protection, even when they're out of view.
  • Conveniently renew and update all security licenses for Kaspersky PURE Total Security for every machine from one PC.

Control for Parents like Never Before
By combining our latest Parental Control technologies with the remote management capabilities of Kaspersky PURE Total Security, any "Chief Household Officer" can now custom-design digital threat protection for the most vulnerable members of the family -- customizable to keep your 6 year-old son and your 16 year-old daughter safe from digital threats. These advanced Parental Control technologies inside Kaspersky PURE Total Security include:

  • Control over when and for how long your children can be online, or on the computer at all
    If you only want your children to use the Internet between 4:00 and 6:00 PM, or if you want to make sure nobody stays up late playing video games, Kaspersky PURE's Parental Control lets you set your deadlines, so there's no arguments when time is up.
  • Limit access to the Internet, web content, applications, games, or social networks
    Block access to objectionable content on the web easier than ever before, and make sure the latest "shock-craze" application isn't downloaded onto your child's PC. You decide when your kids are ready for advanced computer usage, like online video games or social interactions.
  • Keep important information from being shared
    Kaspersky PURE's parental controls don't just block the bad content from coming in; we also block your valuable household information from getting out. Parents can designate private information that will always be automatically blocked from being shared with the world. This can prevent your home address and phone number, for example, from showing up on Facebook, or stop your child from inadvertently sharing your credit card or social security number with a cyber-thief.
  • A communication-safety hub
    Parents can now gain unprecedented visibility into their children's instant messaging and social network chats. Full transcripts of these online communications can be reviewed, or parents can have keywords flagged automatically to monitor for profanity or harassment. Certain contacts can be blocked, or only pre-approved contacts can be allowed at all. Kaspersky PURE Total Security makes it easy for parents to shine a light on these tough-to-monitor online interactions, and protect their children from bullying and inappropriate dialogue.

Monica Vila
The Online Mom (
"As a mother and concerned digital citizen, I've been tracking ways to keep my family safe online for years, and I've never seen a more complete and intuitive offering than Kaspersky PURE Total Security. And it's coming not a moment too soon. We've all read the headlines about cyber-thieves that steal money from the most vulnerable members of our communities, and the horrific outcomes of online bullying left unchecked. It's time to get serious about online security, and Kaspersky PURE Total Security will give you all the technology you need."

Justin Priestley, Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales
Kaspersky Lab Americas
"Kaspersky PURE Total Security is a very big step forward in the way we protect ourselves and our families as we do more and more in the digital world. An effective and easy to use home online security solution that can be centrally managed from a single PC has been long overdue. You can feel confident in the strength of our security, now with the ease of ensuring the online safety of everyone in your household."

Where To Buy
Kaspersky PURE Total Security can be purchased online at and at popular retail outlets in the United States and Canada beginning January 24th, 2011. The product will become available throughout Latin America in February, 2011. For more information on Kaspersky PURE Total Security, visit

Kaspersky PURE Total Security
-- 1-year, 3-user license: $89.95 USD

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