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Kasten Chase Applied Research Limited

March 22, 2005 16:01 ET

Kasten Chase Delivers Industry's First Security Solution for Content Addressable Storage




MARCH 22, 2005 - 16:01 ET

Kasten Chase Delivers Industry's First Security
Solution for Content Addressable Storage

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 22, 2005) -

Assurency SecureData now offers end-to-end security for disks, tapes and
content addressable storage - all on a single platform

Kasten Chase (TSX:KCA), a leader in data storage security, has extended
its Assurency® SecureData solution to include end-to-end protection
for Content Addressable Storage (CAS). Assurency SecureData becomes the
first storage security solution to protect CAS-based data archives, as
well as information stored on disk and tape for backup, near-line and
on-line applications.

Since their market introduction, CAS systems are now widely deployed,
storing petabytes of unstructured data for on-line access, archiving,
and regulatory compliance. Although many CAS systems have security
features for access control and file integrity, they remain vulnerable
to common social engineering or insider attacks because files are stored
in plain text. This means that a CAS breach could easily lead to
Intellectual Property theft, regulatory issues or litigation.

Assurency SecureData for CAS is the first and only security product
designed to address these vulnerabilities and protect mission-critical
CAS-based data from being compromised. Using advanced key management,
high data throughput and a distributed, scalable architecture, Assurency
SecureData provides fully transparent data encryption and data
compartmentalization for CAS systems.

Assurency SecureData distributes encryption to where it is most
effective, within the application server. This architecture ensures data
is protected end-to-end, both 'in transit' within the storage network
and 'at rest' on storage media. End-to-end protection is vital for CAS
environments, where multiple TCP/IP networks are often used for data
transport. These networks are inherently susceptible to 'eavesdropping'
and other forms of attack.

"As a result of the growing number of well-publicized security breaches,
it is critical that organizations be more actively engaged in preserving
the privacy of customers, employees and other stakeholders," says Jon
Oltsik, Security Analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Ensuring
valuable data assets stored under their care and control are not
manipulated, misappropriated or misused is key to preserving brand value
and customer trust. Kasten Chase enables organizations to secure a broad
range of storage applications, including backup and archive, with a
single, cost-effective solution."

"Content addressable storage is gaining wide acceptance as a means to
archive large amounts of data for extended periods of time," says
Michael Milligan, President and CEO of Kasten Chase. "Since much of this
data is personal, proprietary or sensitive, the security of CAS systems
is critical. Privacy and other regulatory requirements, not to mention
better business practices, are causing an escalation in demand for the
secure storage and retrieval of valuable data assets. Assurency
SecureData directly addresses the increased business risk associated
with growing data archives."

As a member of the EMC Centera Partner Program, Kasten Chase has enabled
Assurency SecureData's secure CAS functionality to interoperate
seamlessly with EMC's Centera. The solution encrypts the data 'payload',
leaving the metadata (i.e. information about the data) in clear text. As
a result, key Centera processes such as indexing and retrieval continue
to function without modification. This approach ensures transparent
interoperability with CAS-compatible applications such as EMC's Centera
Seek. Assurency SecureData also works transparently with existing
Centera third-party applications enabling these applications to benefit
from encryption without any modification.

Assurency SecureData with CAS support is currently available. For more
information, visit

About Assurency SecureData

Assurency SecureData is an enterprise-class data security solution for
networked, archive and off-site backup storage. Integrating information
security functionality with data management, SecureData delivers
enhanced compliance; improved risk management; and greater optimization
of storage resources. Utilizing a distributed, scalable and
cost-effective architecture, SecureData protects sensitive data
'end-to-end' within SAN, DAS, iSCSI environments and on disk and tape

Assurency SecureData employs FIPS-certified Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES) algorithms to selectively encrypt stored data in accordance with
security policies. It employs strong cryptographic means to safeguard,
compartmentalize, and control access to data of different

About Kasten Chase

Kasten Chase (TSX:KCA) delivers innovative data storage security
solutions to mitigate information security risks, meet compliance
obligations and reduce the cost and complexity of data storage
operations. To complement its industry-leading storage security
solutions, the Company offers business services that assess and evaluate
risk management, compliance practices and storage resource management
for enterprise storage systems. BS 7799 and CISSP-qualified consultants
utilize a comprehensive toolset to prioritize and cost-justify
information security investments that deliver business improvements and
a comprehensive foundation for compliance.

Kasten Chase established its IT security credentials within government
and military departments through its high-assurance, remote access
solutions. Certified by the U.S. National Security Agency and
pre-approved by the Canadian Communications Security Establishment, the
company's RASP Data Security™ portfolio has protected some of the
most sensitive information in the world for the past eight years.

Kasten Chase is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with offices in
Ottawa, Ontario and Sterling, Virginia. Kasten Chase is a certified ISO
9001:2000 company.

For further information, please visit www.kastenchase.com


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