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April 15, 2008 14:29 ET

Katherine Heigl and Tom Sizemore Meet on "Zyzzyx Rd."

Thriller to Be Shown Free on Internet During 24-Hour Streaming Video Premiere on April 17; DVD Will Sell for Only Five Dollars

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - "Zyzzyx Rd.," a never-before-seen, gritty psychological thriller set in Las Vegas, starring emerging superstar Katherine Heigl, veteran star Tom Sizemore and Leo Grillo, will be shown free on the Internet during a 24-hour streaming video premiere on April 17, announced executive producer Leo Grillo. The action-packed, star-studded independent film will then be sold directly to the public on DVD via the Internet for the "can't miss," unheard of price of five dollars.

"At a time like this, when the economy is slowing and the price of gas and other essentials are rising, people are more conscious about how they are spending their hard earned money," said Grillo. "Premiering the movie for free on the Internet gives movie fans the chance to see a terrific movie featuring two very talented, top notch stars without any financial risk on their part. If they like the movie, they will undoubtedly generate some great buzz for it on MySpace, Facebook, etc. and they can purchase a DVD copy for only 5-bucks.

"Because we don't have the prohibitively high cost of P&A to make up, we can make a profit by eliminating all the middlemen and selling directly to our audience. I foresee this to be the start of a Hollywood revolution in the way films are made available to the audience. I believe that if you offer terrific movies without all the risk, people will support this revolution by paying a fair price to not just see but own them. We can make enough profit to continue producing more great films with the best talent. Everybody wins."

2007 was a record box office year for Hollywood, said Grillo. But studios must still always make back the high cost of production and prints and advertising, which they largely do through DVD sales. "The audience is stuck with having to pay the too-often high-price of a ticket up-front at the theater and take the risk that the movie is worth the price. Or they can wait for the movie to be released on DVD and pay $20-$29 for a first-rate, feature film like 'Zyzzyx Rd.'"

Written and directed by John Penny ("Contaminated Man"), "Zyzzyx Rd." tells the harrowing tale of married accountant Grant (Grillo) and his chance encounter while on business in Vegas with the "Lolita-esque" Marissa (Heigl) with whom he has a sexual liaison until her murderous ex-boyfriend Joey (Sizemore) shows up. Joey attempts to kill Grant and Marissa but is in turn killed by Grant and dumped in the trunk of a car. A journey to Zyzzyx Rd. on the outskirts of sin city ensues to dispose of the body. But when Grant opens the trunk, the body is gone and mayhem erupts. The movie was shot on location in the Mojave Desert.

"I'm thrilled to see how Katherine Heigl's career has taken off since working with her on 'Zyzzyx Rd.,'" said Grillo. "It was a challenging shoot working in the desert contending with everything from the heat to rattlesnakes. She was great to work with and a true professional. Tom Sizemore is an actor's actor. I really enjoyed working with him and I believe his recent troubles have made him even deeper and stronger as an actor, an artist, and an individual. Tom's not just an actor; he's also a fine art photographer and a true artist in many ways. We plan to make more movies together in the future and I can't wait to work with him again."

Katherine Heigl's has starred in "Grey's Anatomy," "27 Dresses," "Knocked Up" and "The Ringer." Tom Sizemore's credits include: "Black Hawk Down," "Saving Private Ryan," "Red Planet," "Dream Catcher" and "Pearl Harbor." Leo Grillo's credits include: "Deirdre's Party" and "Magic."

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