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June 21, 2006 08:43 ET

Kathy and Janet Lennon of the Beloved Lennon Sisters to Launch "BEST PALS" Line

A Reflection of a Simpler Time, "BEST PALS" Products Encourage Creative Play and Imagination for Children

BLOOMINGTON, MN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 21, 2006 -- MALL OF AMERICA -- Two of America's beloved Lennon Sisters, Kathy and Janet, will launch their eagerly anticipated "BEST PALS" line of dolls and music CDs Sunday, August 13, in the Rotunda at Mall of America with a media conference and live music performance. The "BEST PALS" soft cloth rag dolls are exact replicas of the original dolls created and hand sewn by their maternal grandmother Nana and mother Sis Lennon for Kathy and Janet when they were 6 and 3 years old, respectively.

"We have always called each other 'Best Pals' and were inseparable growing up. We played cowboys and dress-up together. But our favorite time was to play with our handmade rag dolls. Our dream is to bring the joy and magic that these dolls gave us to today's children and for generations to come," said Kathy Lennon.

Accompanying the high quality "BEST PALS" dolls are two newly recorded "BEST PALS" music CDs featuring the incomparable harmonies of Kathy and Janet Lennon; "BEST PALS: Kathy & Janet Lennon Sing Their Favorite Childhood Songs" and "BEST PALS Celebrate Christmas."

"In today's youth market where techno-toys and dolls with attitude and trendy clothes are the standard, 'BEST PALS' represents a return to simpler times and wholesome values. 'BEST PALS' is designed to reinforce the importance of creative play, family togetherness, and the priceless value of being and having a trusted friend," said Janet Lennon.

Kathy and Janet Lennon will unveil their "BEST PALS" doll collection at the Mall of America with a media conference followed by a special live performance of favorite songs from their "BEST PALS" CDs and an autograph session where they will sign the first limited edition "BEST PALS" dolls.

In addition to introducing their "BEST PALS" line, 2006 also marks the 50th anniversary year of the famed Lennon Sisters. Introduced on "The Lawrence Welk Show" on Christmas Eve 1955, the Lennon Sisters appeared weekly for 13 years and were among the youngest stars featured regularly on the new medium of television. Dubbed "America's Sweethearts of Song," they became role models for American youth, stars of their own '70s television variety show and sang for seven U.S. Presidents. America watched them grow up.

The Lennon Sisters have been performing live concerts in Branson, Missouri, for the last 12 years, and sharing their special childhood memories and melodies on stage. The name Lennon continues to be embraced by millions of loyal fans as synonymous with family love and togetherness.

Janet, best remembered for her signature pigtails and dancing the polka with Lawrence Welk at age 9, added, "As you can imagine, Kathy and I faced many unusual challenges and circumstances growing up and our friendship has always transcended everything. Wanting to share our own simple, yet so meaningful, precious bond is the real inspiration for 'BEST PALS.'"

Roxi Elfering, President of KatJan, Inc., said, "In order to maintain the integrity that is associated with the Lennon name, we have worked diligently to duplicate Kathy and Janet's original handmade dolls. 'BEST PALS'' attention to detail extends beyond the basics. We have carefully matched the faces, hair and even the material of the dresses in order to capture the essence of the girls' original dolls."

The Lennon Sisters are no strangers to the doll industry. Many baby boomers fondly remember their Lennon Sisters cut-out paper dolls, which were among the first in the marketplace -- some fans even bring them to Branson to be autographed. Both Kathy and Janet also have private collections of classic dolls.

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