June 19, 2014 15:30 ET

Katimavik is Diversifying its Funding

Launch of a new fundraising campaign in partnership with DRUIDE!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 19, 2014) - Katimavik is launching its first major fundraising campaign with DRUIDE, a manufacturer of certified organic cosmetics. Since the federal government ended its funding commitment, back in 2012, Katimavik has been active in developing new programs and financial partnerships. The objective of this first fundraising campaign is to raise $ 30,000 to allow more youth to participate in the program, as well as meeting the needs of communities.

The organization is currently operating in Quebec, through its Eco-Internship program. Since 2009, this program allows young people to take tangible actions for the environment through voluntary service and the development of group projects in their community. The fundraising campaign will allow Katimavik to provide more than 2,500 volunteer hours to different organisations across the province. Katimavik is also developing a youth program especially designed for First Nations youth in Canada, in collaboration with Trent University in Ontario. "Aboriginal people are under-represented in terms of their successful participation in Canada's educational, training and employment opportunities. With over 35 years of experience in experiential learning, Katimavik has the tools, community and educational partnerships tailored for the needs of young Inuit, Métis and First Nations. We need funds to develop a specific program, which will allow them not only to strengthen their respective cultures, but their representation in post-secondary institutions and in the workplace. " - Willy LP Fournier - Vice-Chair of Katimavik's Board of Directors.

This diversification of financial resources is a new strategy for the organization, which has previously been supported entirely by public funds. "We want Katimavik supporters to understand that our funding no longer comes from public funds. Fundraising has become part of our reality and we need to mobilize everyone in order to keep providing civic service programs."- Virginie Thibeault, Director of Programs.

The partnership with DRUIDE lays the foundations for the development of future partnerships with other companies who share the same values as Katimavik. For 35 years, DRUIDE and Katimavik have been aiming to make sustainable choices for the environment. These shared values truly make DRUIDE, a Canadian company, a partner of choice to help Katimavik increase the scope of its programs. The company will be offering its certified organic cosmetics to everyone making a donation during the campaign.

About Katimavik

Founded in 1977, Katimavik is a national nonprofit organisation. Its mission is to engage young people in voluntary service activities in communities across Canada. Through experiential learning, Katimavik allows young Canadian to become responsible citizens who seek to make a positive change in their lives and in their communities. For over 35 years, Katimavik has enabled over 35,000 young Canadians to become actively involved in their communities for a total of approximately 30 million volunteer hours. These young people have implemented over 100 projects to benefit their communities. Without Katimavik volunteers, these projects would never have existed.

DRUIDE creates and manufactures natural body care products and cosmetics in Montreal since 1979. All the products are 100% biodegradable, in recyclable containers and Certified Organic by ECOCERT. Mr. Alain Renaud, President and Founder is still pioneering the Organic movement with the help of the 20 employees after 35 years. DRUIDE as well as the ECOTRAIL, Karité, Pur & Pure and HAMADI lines are distributed in Natural Health Food Stores, Pharmacies and Outdoor stores across Quebec and Canada. The products are also exported in the United States, Swiss and Turkey. For more info : www.druide.ca


  • For over 35 years, Katimavik has enabled over 35,000 young Canadians to become actively involved, and to benefit their communities for a total of approximately 30 million volunteer hours. This is the equivalent of:
    • A person working 24/7 for 3360 years
    • 7 work days for all employees of the government of Quebec
    • $ 189.6 million in savings for Canada
  • More than 2,000 communities benefited from the Katimavik program over the last 35 years
  • For the last 5 years, more than 235 youth participated in the Eco-Internship program, volunteering in more than 150 different organizations within 5 different regions of Quebec
  • Every $ 5,000 raised allows communities to receive more than 400 hours of volunteering.

Aboriginals in Canada

  • According to Statistics Canada, the Aboriginal population may grow in numbers to reach 1.4 million people in 2017, a spike from 1.1 million back in 2006. Katimavik believes it is essential to involve and motivate this younger generation in order for them to be involved and to build sustainable communities.
  • More than 55 % of Aboriginal over 12 years of age struggle with addiction problems;
  • Alarming suicide rate: it is five times higher than among young Canadians who are not of Aboriginal descent;
  • The unemployment rate for Aboriginal Canadians is twice as high as the rate of non-Aboriginal Canadians. In reservations, the unemployment rate is approaching 29%, which is almost three times the national average.

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