October 01, 2009 09:00 ET

Kaz, Makers of Honeywell Home Comfort Products, Offers Tips to Conserve Energy and Save on Home Heating Expenses

October Is Energy Awareness Month

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - October is Energy Awareness Month and the US Department of Energy's theme, "A Sustainable Energy Future; Putting All the Pieces Together," encourages all consumers to understand how they can employ energy-saving practices and help shape this country's energy future.

There are easy steps that can conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. In fact, there are many economic and environmentally friendly choices people can make when it comes to heating their homes that allow them to stay warm and save money on heating bills.

Kaz, makers of Honeywell Home Comfort products, offers the following low-cost tips to help consumers conserve energy and money while also remaining comfortable indoors this winter:

1.  Use a programmable thermostat.  Program your thermostat so the
    temperature is higher when you are home and awake, and lower the
    temperature at night when you are sleeping or are away.  This will
    allow you to automatically adjust heating needs to your schedule
    and will reduce heating costs as a result.
2.  Clean or replace the filter in your furnace each month.  When your
    furnace filter is dirty, it can block the flow of air through your
    home's heating system and increase your energy bill.
3.  Weatherize the interior of your home.  Start by caulking drafty
    windows and insulating hot water pipes where heat loss can occur.
4.  Purchase a portable heater.  Portable heaters can be used to
    supplement a home's heating system to heat only the rooms you're in.
    By using a portable heater, you can lower the the central heating
    system in your house and save potentially hundreds of dollars in
    heating bills annually -- which could be an entire oil or gas bill.
    If you use a Honeywell Energy Smart™ portable heater, designed for
    personal and whole room heating, you can be eco-friendly without
    sacrificing comfort and save up to 35% on energy bills in comparison
    to standard portable heaters.

For information on how portable heaters can help consumers save energy and money on their heating costs, and to learn more about the different kinds of portable heaters available, visit To learn more about the value of adding a fan to a household's heating system, visit

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