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January 29, 2007 09:00 ET

Kazeon Partners With Catalyst and CAAS to Streamline E-Discovery Processes

Seamless Integration of Technology and Services Delivers Unprecedented Productivity, Control and Cost Savings to Organizations Involved in Litigation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 29, 2007 -- Kazeon, the leader in Information Management, today announced an alliance with Catalyst, a provider of litigation document review and extranet software, and CAAS, a legal and information risk management consulting company, to deliver the industry's most advanced, end-to-end e-discovery and records management solution. This groundbreaking partnership leverages Kazeon's Information Server IS1200-ECS to dramatically decrease the time and cost of the manually intensive e-discovery process by as much as 90%. Catalyst's litigation support platform enables legal teams to easily organize and collaborate on search results generated by Kazeon while CAAS' end-to-end discovery process management plays an integral role in guiding those organizations through the legal aspects of the e-discovery process for litigation and records retention. The partners' integrated solution delivers unprecedented productivity, control and cost savings to legal and IT staff managing litigation within an organization.

"Our alliance with Catalyst and CAAS is built upon Kazeon's Search the Enterprise™ vision for automating, managing, and securing documents during the e-discovery process," said Tom Thimot, Chief Operating Officer of Kazeon. "Catalyst and CAAS provide the next steps in technology and services to help legal staff take advantage of Kazeon's enterprise search capabilities for records management and e-discovery preparedness. Together, we are offering an end-to-end solution that promises to change the rules for the new age of litigation."

Instead of reverting to panic mode and paying top dollar to respond to e-discovery demands, organizations can now leverage Kazeon's alliance with Catalyst and CAAS to implement an end-to-end solution for discovery preparedness that eliminates the business disruption and skyrocketing costs of e-discovery mandates. With a prescribed records management process in place and the ability to quickly and easily search billions of documents, corporate general counsels can now quickly and easily conduct pre-discovery while allocating more time to strategically preparing a case rather than manually searching through thousands and thousands of documents.

"As discovery experts, our clients are asking us to create powerful, defensible and cost effective ways to conduct discovery in their enterprise. We worked with Kazeon and Catalyst to integrate their breakthrough technologies so that we could extend our litigation discovery expertise further into the information and records management continuum. This approach provides a much better cost containment, information corporate governance, compliance and risk management value proposition to corporations and law firms that employ our integrated solution for records management, litigation document review, and internal information audits," noted CAAS' Director of Litigation Risk Management, Richard Davis.

In the wake of new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), companies must find new ways to mitigate increased legal risks due to rapidly growing data stores. Under FRCP Rule 26(b), parties in litigation must produce all electronically stored information that is relevant, not privileged and "reasonably accessible," which includes information that resides online on desktops, laptops, servers, and networked storage systems. In reviewing legal discovery requests, a requesting party may identify electronic sources containing information that the responding party is neither searching nor producing. Consequently, businesses must now build sufficient processes and capabilities into their IT infrastructure in order to satisfy these new legal requirements.

John Tredennick, Catalyst's founder and CEO, added, "With digital content exploding, corporations and insurers are looking for new ways to manage electronic documents and take control of their litigation. By combining our repository product with Kazeon's collection systems and CAAS' deep experience in the litigation process, we think we can offer our clients a better way to manage document review and a quick way to cut their litigation costs."

Kazeon's IS1200-ECS automates the e-discovery process by indexing and identifying relevant documents (MS Office, PST, PDF, etc) and email messages stored on servers, storage systems, desktops and laptops. This enables legal and IT staff to quickly determine the scope, breadth and depth that this electronically stored information might be pursued during discovery. Powerful features are combined with an easy-to-use web-based user interface to enable legal and IT staff to tailor and meet the organizations requirements for the workflow of document review during litigation. These features enable the legal and IT staff to automate and take consideration of any claims and defenses, preservation demands, disclosure requirements, and discovery demands.

Legal and IT staff can now, for the first time, quickly identify potentially discoverable electronically stored information across the enterprise, accurately assess the data that has been gathered, and preserve the integrity of the collected information by automatically protecting it against destruction or alteration. The overall data set collection can also be reduced by setting aside duplicate and irrelevant documents and email messages based on file content, email thread analysis, and more.

About Catalyst Repository Systems

Catalyst is a leading provider of secure online repositories to help professional teams manage large volumes of electronic documents and work together on complex legal, insurance and business matters. Its repository product, Catalyst CR, is one of the first grid-based litigation support platforms. Even with documents collections in the tens of millions, its search engine routinely delivers sub-second search times for very large queries (750 terms). Its case collaboration software, Catalyst XE, is used by some of the largest corporations and insurers in the world to connect counsel and share litigation files worldwide.

About CAAS

Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services, LLC provides electronic discovery consulting, proactive litigation response planning, investigative services and SIC code based records retention programs for corporations and law firms. CAAS offers superior resources to assist their clients strategically address all facets of information discovery and risk mitigation. Their professionals provide a unique set of advisory services that speak to the governance, risk and compliance issues in ways that optimize organizational performance. CAAS clients include general counsel and CIOs of the world's leading corporations.

About Kazeon

Kazeon is recognized as the industry leader in Unstructured Information Management. The Information Server product line provides the foundation for corporations to search, manage, and secure their digital assets. Through innovative data indexing, classification and search technology, Kazeon has helped hundreds of customers worldwide drive out excessive cost, risk and drain on productivity associated with the rapid growth of information to tackle the challenges of Legal Discovery, Compliance, and Data Privacy. In securing partnerships with Google and Network Appliance, Kazeon has quickly gained wide market acceptance for its award-winning products, as recognized by Gartner, Storage Magazine, Network World, Datamation, and InfoStor. Leading global organizations like SAP, GE, Cisco, Bosch, ING Group, Phillips, Novartis, and INVESCO rely on Kazeon solutions.

Founded in 2003, Kazeon is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For additional information about Kazeon, please visit

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