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June 24, 2011 12:06 ET

KBM Group Announces 3-Tiered Data Segmentation Suite Providing Highly Differentiated Customer Intelligence About Behaviors and Attitudes Toward Digital Products and Services

Portrays Basic to Highly Evolved Technology Adoption, Attitudes Across Digital Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 24, 2011) - KBM Group, the global leader in knowledge-based marketing solutions, announces its latest marketing optimization tool, the Digital Neighborhoods® 2.0 Segmentation Suite. This new service was showcased at All for One, The Integrated Marketing Summit, presented by DM Days and the Direct Marketing Association at the Hilton New York, June 20 and 21.

Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 is a rich and robust data suite that segments consumer audiences by their attitudes toward, adoption of, and ongoing engagement with all kinds of digital devices. It is a predictive tool marketers can use to identify consumers by their likely interest in and usage of digital devices, as well as to provide indicators of their level of digital sophistication.

Unique in its comprehensive analysis and detailed descriptions of consumers' digital attitudes and behaviors, Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 allows marketers to better understand customers and prospects. With this customer intelligence, marketers can adjust messaging, offers and media channels by understanding:

  • Why consumers chose the digital devices they use
  • Whether they will re-purchase and/or upgrade
  • If they are early technology adopters or more conservative
  • What their digital activities are -- professional, entertainment, educational, buying

A considerably expanded upgrade to KBM Group's existing Digital Neighborhoods segmentation, Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 not only takes into account levels of technology sophistication, income and lifestyle (e.g., urban, rural, single, family) but also evaluates attitudes and behaviors across a comprehensive range of technologies and devices. For example, Digital Neighborhood 2.0 provides insights into consumer usage of: TV (e.g., cable, satellite, fiber optic); phone (e.g., landline vs. mobile, cell vs. smart phones, DSL, VOIP); Internet (e.g., DSL, dial-up, hot spot usage); personal computers; DVD, Blu-ray and MP3 players; gaming systems vs. online gaming.

Dennis Kooker, president and COO of KBM Group, notes, "With the proliferation of digital products in the marketplace, media and communications companies -- as well as consumer electronics marketers -- need improved customer intelligence across the variety of digital product offerings for better marketing management and performance. Our clients need more specific audience data about not only device usage but also about buyers' technological sophistication and aspirations, cross referenced with their demographic profiles. Thanks to our extensive data assets, marketing and analytics expertise, and marketing technology, KBM Group is able to provide just such a segmentation suite with our new offering."

The Marketing Benefits of 3-Tiered Approach
Instead of a single segmentation, the 3-tiered approach offers highly precise segments for improved customer intelligence, allowing marketers to deliver more relevant offers and messaging to consumers in their preferred media. Marketers can also use the Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 suite to segment their existing customer base and then identify top prospective new customers based on the resulting insights.

This highly customized approach to defining digital consumer segments has a wide appeal to a variety of marketers. Media and communications companies such as cable, TV and Internet providers, as well as consumer electronics and device manufacturers, can better understand when to target consumers with upgrades or new devices. Marketers selling online media will find relevant customer intelligence regarding content consumption.

Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 includes three distinct groups of consumer clusters:

  • Digital Devices -- Segments consumers by their level of sophistication and by their attitudes towards adopting other services and devices. Consumers are described as "basic," "evolving," or "highly evolved." Based on 18 segments of AmeriLINK®, KBM Group's highly reliable database known for its comprehensive consumer data coverage, this segment describes whether consumers subscribe to bundled services, how they purchase movies, the likelihood of their buying other services and products, and other details of their decisions regarding digital devices.
  • Digital Destinations -- Derived from click-stream data, this segment identifies consumers by their digital activity indicated by online destinations and behaviors -- for example, whether their usage involves tasks, such as paying bills; research; shopping; online banking and financial services. Including 45 clusters in 15 groups, it also captures detailed information on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others.
  • Digital Neighborhoods 2.0 -- A combination of Digital Devices and Destinations, this high-level segment provides a multi-dimensional picture of consumers by how they are consuming which digital technologies, as well as likely future consumption.

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