SOURCE: Aplix Corporation

October 10, 2006 02:00 ET

KDDI to Use JBlend™ as Open-apps Player

Launch Set for Spring 2007

TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 10, 2006 -- Aplix Corporation (TSE: 3727) announced today that KDDI Corp. and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co. plan to build in Aplix's JBlend™ Java™ platform as an "Open-apps player" in their new handset models planned for launch in Spring 2007. KDDI and Okinawa Cellular plan to launch several new models in 2007 equipped with this "Open-apps player," adding significantly to the number of JBlend-equipped handsets available on the market.

Users of KDDI au handsets will still be able to access the comprehensive services based on the existing BREW®-based EZ applications, but the addition of JBlend will make it possible for them to enjoy a rich trove of additional, highly flexible, Java-based applications. This will broaden the base of available content, appealing to the needs and desires of a broader range of users.

The Java used in the KDDI handsets to be launched in Spring 2007 will operate on the KDDI Common Platform (KCP) for mobile phones. KCP uses QUALCOMM Inc.'s BREW platform, and Aplix has already worked closely with QUALCOMM to optimize the use of JBlend on the BREW platform. As a result, mobile phone makers will have ready access to the "Open-apps player" already optimized for KCP, enabling them to provide their customers an appealing and enjoyable range of Open-apps.

Masahiro Inoue, Associate Senior Vice President and General Manager of "au" Service & Product Planning Division "au" Business Sector at KDDI, said, "KDDI has decided to use JBlend, to broaden the range of services we provide to our customers. This will make it possible to utilize Open-apps created by ordinary Java developers, opening up a wider range of diverse content. We think this will further broaden the range of services we can offer to our users. We will continue to devise innovative new services that address the needs of our customers."

Keiji Takao, Corporate Officer and Deputy Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Division at Aplix, said, "We are very happy that JBlend will be used in KDDI handsets. We look forward to seeing all the different kinds of content leveraging Java's merits that emerge for KDDI handsets. Looking ahead, we aim to further strengthen our partnership with KDDI and offer solutions to enable more attractive services."

Java technology is increasingly gathering momentum as a technical platform for digital appliances in the era of ubiquitous computing. JBlend is our unique platform enabling never before seen features on mobile phones, and increasingly on digital devices. The JBlend platform has been deployed on over 233 million mobile devices around the world as of the end of June 2006. Aplix continues its innovative efforts to contribute to the development of consumer products that are even more appealing and easier to use than those we have today.

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Aplix Corporation is the global leader in deploying Java technology in mobile phones. Aplix was first established in 1986 and has been a Sun Java licensee since 1996. Aplix was publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mothers) in 2003. On August 24, 2004 Aplix and the Taiwan based company iaSolution finalized the integration of the corporations.

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