October 29, 2013 09:00 ET

Keas Unveils Employee Happiness Index

Employees Participating in Health Programs Are Three Times More Likely to Be Engaged In and Satisfied With Their Jobs Than the Average American

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - Keas (, the market leader in employer health and engagement programs, today announced the results of its First Annual Employee Happiness Index. Participation in corporate health programs is a significant driver for engagement with 92 percent reporting that they are engaged in, and happy with, their jobs -- triple the rate of the national average.*

Overall, U.S. companies are losing half a trillion dollars in lost productivity each year. Disengaged employees greatly contribute to this loss, and employers are struggling to identify the elements that comprise truly engaged employees in an effort to increase engagement across the workforce. The Keas Employee Happiness Index reveals keys to unlocking the full potential of a satisfied and productive workforce.

Healthy Habits of Highly Engaged Employees
Happiness outside of the workplace translates to happiness inside office walls, as 89 percent of the most engaged, happy employees are also extremely or generally happy in life. In addition, this group elects a variety of healthy lifestyle choices and preferences that can be seen as contributing factors to their increased verve at work:

  • 86 percent believe that exercise increases happiness
  • 80 percent avoid junk food and diet fads
  • 74 percent feel like they always or frequently get enough sleep, with 35 percent reporting they "sleep like a rock"
  • 41 percent don't drink alcohol at all, but those that do prefer to drink wine (26 percent)

Home is Where the Heart Is
The majority (66 percent) rank family or significant others as making them the happiest in life. More than a quarter claim their home or apartment is the top material possession that makes them happiest, outranking money, electronics and clothing/jewelry. 

The Happiest, Most Engaged Employee in the U.S.
Midwesterners, women and boomers are among the happiest employees in the nation. Odds are that a 62-year-old woman, living in Chicago, who loves the executive assistant job she's had since 1990 just may be the most engaged employee in America The happiest, most engaged employees tend to be:

  • Female - 69 percent
  • Identify as service/support staff - 62 percent
  • Are Baby Boomers - 52 percent
  • Living in the Midwest - 28 percent
  • Have been at their jobs for 10 years or more - 25 percent

The Generation Gap in Workplace Engagement
The Keas survey reveals that while Millennials (91 percent) rank as the happiest generation at work, it's Baby Boomers (43 percent) who earn the generational gold medal for employee engagement. While GenX's engagement (32 percent) and workplace happiness (86 percent) levels are strong they also experience the highest levels of discontent, with 10 percent reporting they are disengaged and 14 percent reporting they are unhappy at work.

Boomers Bringin' It
The Boomers in this study are contradicting ageist stereotypes in the workforce. A recent AARP survey showed more than one-third of respondents reported that they or someone they know experienced age discrimination in the last four years. Employers may be losing out on happy, engaged employees:

  • Nine out of 10 Boomers are happy at work, which is on par with Millennials
  • As the most engaged generation, 43 percent are excited about and engaged in their jobs
  • More than one third (36 percent) of Boomers are looking for new challenges and have started new jobs in the past five years

White Collar vs. Blue Collar - Who's More Satisfied?
While white collar employees are happier with life outside of work than blue collar and entry level employees (77 percent vs. 71 percent), they are somewhat more likely to be unenthusiastic and unengaged with their jobs and unhappy at work. Potential health and lifestyle choices that may contribute to discontent at work may include the following:

  • Don Draper Liquid Lunches? - Preferences for hard alcohol have waned since the "Mad Men" era (only 3 percent prefer hard liquor) but nearly 70 percent of management still drinks regularly, as opposed to 59 percent of the blue collar set 
  • It's Stressful at the Top - 24 percent of white collars report the top reason they lose sleep is because of work-related issues, where only 10 percent of their blue collar counterparts say it's an issue
  • You Gotta' Have Faith - Lack of spiritual life, less engaged at work? Only seven percent of white collars say their spiritual lives make them happy, versus 13 percent of entry level and blue collar employees

"Employers are starting to recognize that the key to a productive workforce is taking a 360 degree approach to engagement. Health, happiness and productivity are intrinsically linked. Employers have a huge opportunity to boost the health and happiness of employees through meaningful engagement programs, and reap the rewards of the increased workplace satisfaction and productivity that result," said Josh Stevens, CEO of Keas. "Keas' entire platform, now available to nearly one million people across U.S., is designed to help employees create life habits that promote health and happiness, and help them become more engaged and productive at work." 

About the Survey
The Keas First Annual Employee Happiness Index provides a 360-degree view of overall happiness of today's employees by examining habits, personal preferences and perspectives about their experiences at work and in life. Keas polled 762 employees across the United States that are participating in their employer-offered Keas health program, via an online survey between September 17 and September 23, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 3.07 percentage points.

About Keas
Keas is the leading health and engagement platform in the workplace. Keas promotes healthy behaviors and teamwork with an interactive application platform that delivers relevant, personalized content to hundreds of thousands of employees. Keas has a proven track record of supporting corporate HR in increasing retention, productivity, teamwork, collaboration and competitiveness. By rewarding people for achieving simple exercise and nutrition goals, employee health is improved and overall healthcare costs are decreased. Founded in 2008 by Adam Bosworth, Keas is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information or a demo, visit Follow Keas on Twitter at @Keas and on LinkedIn at

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* Gallup's "State of the American Workplace" report states that 30% of employees are engaged in and happy with their jobs.

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