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Keep Our Doctors In Nevada

October 08, 2015 14:50 ET

Keep Our Doctors In Nevada

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2015) - In 2004 Nevada voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure that helped stabilize a growing medical crisis. More than a decade later that measure has proven to be lasting, effective, legally sound and most importantly -- it actually has kept good doctors in Nevada.

Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court unanimously upheld one of the key provisions of the voter-approved measure. The court rightly upheld the provision capping non-economic damages to $350,000 -- a critical component in the effort to keep insurance rates affordable.

The Justices, which represent a diverse group of ideologies, experiences and philosophies not only agreed, they re-affirmed the voice of Nevada voters and kept in place a system that has been working well for more than a decade. That is encouraging and says a great deal not only about the law but also about this court.

Nevada voters engaged in the public policy debate, Democrat and Republican legislators have worked together over the years to defend the will of the voters and the highest court in our state has now spoken in a way that unequivocally upholds key provisions of the Keep Our Doctors In Nevada measure. Healthcare policy is complicated and it is easy to get lost in the partisan bickering that dominates so many important issues. This time, on this issue, the Supreme Court, the legislature and the voters all got it right and our state will continue to be better off for it.

About Keep Our Doctors In Nevada (KODIN)
The Keep Our Doctors In Nevada (KODIN) Initiative was created to obtain medical liability reform similar to that enacted in California. The November 2004 ballot included a question that would provide for a $350,000 hard cap on noneconomic damages per injury without exceptions, eliminate joint and several liability, limit attorney fees, and permit either the plaintiff or the defendant to request periodic payments.

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