September 02, 2014 13:00 ET

Keep Seniors Smiling on Grandparents' Day (& Every Day)

:DentalPlans Offers Tips to Keep Seniors' Teeth & Gums Healthy

PLANTATION, FL--(Marketwired - September 02, 2014) - We want seniors to smile broadly on Grandparents' Day -- and every day! -- but, more importantly, their smiles should be healthy. Maintaining good oral health is important for seniors' improved overall health, as cavities and gum disease may contribute to more serious issues, including pain, infection, and disease. 

Some seniors have problems maintaining good oral hygiene because of lack of mobility or memory, which could lead to an increased risk of oral and overall health problems. Senior caretakers should keep a careful watch on seniors' oral health so any issues can be detected and treated early, before other, potentially serious health challenges develop. Oral health issues are common in older Americans: a quarter of seniors (25%) have lost all of their teeth, and nearly half (44%) of seniors living below the poverty line have no natural teeth left, according to the Kaiser family foundation. 

"It's essential for senior caregivers to keep a careful watch on seniors' oral health and hygiene, ensuring that a seemingly 'small' dental issue doesn't evolve into a much more serious health problem," said Bill Chase, :DentalPlans' VP of Marketing. "For some seniors, dexterity can greatly impact their ability to brush and floss properly, and in others, it can be mobility or memory that has a negative impact on their oral hygiene habits. Senior caregivers can assist seniors in maintaining their oral health, providing assistance with brushing as needed, checking the senior's mouth, teeth and gums regularly, scheduling dental checkups, and notifying their dentist or physician about any problems or changes."

:DentalPlans offers the following oral health tips for senior caregivers:

  • Check on the senior's mouth, teeth and gums regularly, as part of their overall healthcare and hygiene routine. Look for chapped lips, broken or missing teeth, and sore, swollen or bleeding gums.
  • Use a toothbrush that has soft bristles and make sure the senior changes toothbrushes regularly -- ideally every two months.
  • Determine whether the senior still has the dexterity and ability to brush and floss their own teeth. If so, encourage them to keep up these healthy habits at least twice a day. If not, take over their brushing and flossing routine. It's often easiest to stand behind the senior for this process.
  • Complete periodic checks between dental visits to ensure the mouth, teeth and gums look healthy.
  • Ensure that the senior sees a dentist regularly.
  • Clean dentures daily using denture cleaner -- not toothpaste.
  • Participate in an Oral Health Care for seniors webinar to learn more about seniors' oral health. These free webinars are offered by the Department of Aging:
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