April 16, 2012 19:00 ET

Keep Your Motorbike Road Worthy With Maintenance Tips from Swinton Bikes

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 16, 2012) - The correct tools and a little common sense are all that a motorcyclist needs to ensure their motorbike remains in tip top condition according to Swinton Bikes.

The motorcycle insurance retailer is offering DIY maintenance tips to motorcyclists to help them maintain a good working bike that is road worthy, less likely to break down and save money in the long term.

For those bikers who are less confident about working on their bike themselves, Swinton Bikes recommends asking a more knowledgeable friend to help out and always consult the manual.

Swinton Bikes top tips:

  • Chain tension - it is vital that bike chains are adjusted to the correct tension, a slack chain can result in stiff gearshifts and cause damage to the gear box

  • Battery - the bike battery can often be neglected due to its resting place beneath the bike seat or petrol tank. If regular checks are not made on its condition then it could run dry

  • Spark plugs - these don't need changing very often but always consult the manual before attempting this job as some bikes will take a few minutes while others will need a bit more time devoted to this job. Remove one spark plug at a time to avoid mixing up the leads and screw the new ones in by hand to avoid over tightening them

  • Grease - it is important to use the correct type of grease in the right place. Levers, locks, footrest hinges and stand hinges will all benefit from regular greasing

  • Keep it clean - washing your bike regularly with a decent car shampoo will ensure it keeps its 'brand new' look and enable the owner to spot any mechanical issues

Antony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes said, "Bikers invest a lot of money in their motorcycles so it's vital to protect their investment by keeping it well maintained. A bike that is well looked after will also have fewer problems and the motorcyclist will be less likely to make a claim on their motorbike insurance policy."

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