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October 22, 2015 05:00 ET

Keeper DNA™ One-Touch Identity Verification Comes to Android

The World's Most Convenient Two-Step Verification Now Part of the Android Ecosystem

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - October 22, 2015) - Keeper, the world's most popular mobile security app for managing passwords and private information, launched Keeper DNA Authentication today on the Android operating system. The revolutionary identity verification platform uses wearable devices, connected objects and IoT (Internet of Things) devices to confirm a user's identity and grant access to their Keeper Vault. It replaces the need for the manual entry of two-factor access codes. Instead, users just tap a button on their mobile device or watch for fast, secure access.

Android users can quickly and securely log into their private Keeper Vault, which stores all of their sensitive and personal data, by activating Keeper DNA. Once activated, other devices the user owns will sync with their Android device to verify identity. For instance, if you log into your laptop utilizing Keeper DNA, a message will be sent to your Android device asking for verification. At the touch of a button the user can log into their vault. The user can also restrict access to their vault from their Android device in cases where their devices have been stolen or a hacker is seeking access from a remote location.

Multi-factor authentication gained popularity in 2011 as an added layer of security, and the market is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by the end of 2015. U.S. regulators may start requiring multi-factor authentication in large institutions as the frequency of cyber-attacks continues to increase. This requirement would result in a loss of corporate productivity if traditional methods, like manual entry of authentication tokens received via SMS, are used. Keeper DNA™ Authentication, however, provides superior security with increased convenience and productivity.

"Keeper DNA is two-factor authentication made easy. Prior to Keeper DNA, people hated using two steps to log into their account. We eliminated the need to manually enter security codes as a second factor. We knew there was a better way so we created Keeper DNA for this purpose. Instead of manual codes, the second factor is based on Keeper sensing your unique wearable device or connected object. Keeper DNA represents the unification of convenience and security through innovation," said Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security, Inc.

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Keeper Security, Inc. is the creator of Keeper, the world's most downloaded password manager and digital vault. Founded in 2009 by CEO Darren Guccione and CTO Craig Lurey, Keeper Security is a privately-held company that is based in Chicago, Illinois with engineering offices in El Dorado Hills, California. Keeper is SOC-certified and utilizes world-class encryption to safeguard its users. Keeper is available on all major Smartphones, Tablets and Computers -- covering Samsung Phones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Kindle, and Windows Phone. For more information, visit

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