October 08, 2009 12:09 ET

Keeping Older Machines Running With Fully Automatic Defrag

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) - In economic times such as these, purchases of new equipment slow down, and it becomes a necessity to patch up that older gear and keep it running as long as possible. This modus operandi, affecting companies and individuals alike, spreads across the boards from the car you drive to work in the morning to the computer you log into when you get there. You do your best to maintain that vehicle so that it will make that daily commute, and you do everything possible to delay costly hardware upgrades for your company.

It would be nice if there were one element or factor that, if implemented, would keep machinery running beyond its expected lifetime. For a car, there doesn't seem to be such a single item, despite the gasoline and oil commercials that would have you believe otherwise. It requires regular maintenance of fluids, belts, tires and a host of other things, and hopefully the larger components such as the transmission and the drive train hold out for the life of the vehicle.

For a computer, though, there is one thing you can do that, if done correctly, will keep a computer running well past "its time." That action is to see to the full address of file fragmentation -- a malady that slows performance to a crawl and greatly impacts hardware reliability. When fragmentation is completely addressed, as with Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag, fragmentation's impact is virtually reduced to nothing.

"The only reason my old server is still running, besides keeping updates current, is that the disk is always clean from having Diskeeper installed," said Todd Kreinbring, Systems Engineer with Inovant/Visa in Littleton, Colorado. "It is invaluable for machines older than 1.5 years, and there are a lot of people who are putting off new purchases at this time."

Diskeeper Corporation proprietary InvisiTasking® technology ensures that defrag occurs invisibly, in the background, using only otherwise-idle resources. Fragmentation is always addressed without a negative performance impact on users or the need for scheduling. Fragmentation simply becomes one problem an IT department can cross off its list of things to take care of.

"My workstations benefit the most, on a daily basis," Kreinbring added. "I do so much loading and unloading of software, that fragmentation is almost immediate every day. Diskeeper keeps my systems running smoothly."

So at least for computers, there is one action that can be taken to bolster the older equipment and keep it running: defrag with Diskeeper.

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