Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson

January 10, 2011 19:00 ET

'Keeping Warm Indoors is Crucial This Winter' Say Blinds Company

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 10, 2011) - Having seen temperatures drop to minus figures in some parts of England this week, the big freeze continues to threaten the country. Travel chaos has been widespread as roads, railways and airports struggle to cope with the freezing conditions and even indoors it seems impossible to keep warm.

After last year's 'cold snap' the government and local authorities have suffered criticism for not being prepared and not learning from last year's mistakes in not being readily equipped for the weather.

However, if harsh winters are to become a regular occurrence with UK weather, then we might have to start looking at preparing our houses accordingly. Thomas Sanderson has an exclusive range of Solartex blinds created specifically for the purpose of helping to control the temperature of your conservatory.

The TecNeat mechanism fits snugly around your window frame, preventing valuable heat from escaping. Most blinds are just adapted for conservatories, but Thomas Sanderson's exclusive range contains features such as slimmer rails, light gap and glare reduction as well as a fabric control system for perfect coverage within the roof.

As well as maximising heat in your conservatory during the winter months, the Solartex also cleverly provides a cooler space during the summer. This is due to the innovative fabric technology of SolarTex®, with its higher than average reflective value which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in your conservatory all year round. It can help retain the warmth during the cold without an unsightly aluminium foil film as in some blinds, so your blinds can be wiped down and kept in stunning condition.

A spokesperson for Thomas Sanderson, says: 'TecNeat conservatory blinds are perfectly equipped to cope with the changing British temperatures and help to make the most of the warmth in your conservatory. The specially designed SolarTex® fabric maximises the heat in your home while letting light in so that you can still be warm without losing any of the natural light inside your house'.

To find out how you can keep your conservatory warm during the harsh winter months with Thomas Sanderson's exclusive range of blinds, visit

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