June 01, 2012 10:33 ET

Keeping Your Heirlooms Safe

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 1, 2012) - A cellar is used for many things. Perhaps someday dreaming of a basement conversion you probably just use it for storing heirlooms, old photos and keep-sakes. Whilst they may simply be placed in cardboard boxes that doesn't mean they don't have value - personal or monetary.

They need to be kept safe. But a cellar brings problems - most notably damp, mould and mildew. If you don't tackle this problem, you may as well discard all your heirlooms. To keep the moisture in the air regulated a dehumidifier is essential.

Room dehumidifiers and larger options for the home will be able to remove much of the excess moisture as well as tackling mould and mildew fungi. They can also help maintain indoor humidity to keep it at a more desirable level - essential for keeping those prize possessions in mint condition.

Range of Dehumidifiers

The range of dehumidifiers from includes both:

  • Compressor driven refrigerant dehumidifiers

  • Desiccant absorption dehumidifiers

There are many sizes and types, as well as fixed and portable units enabling you to ensure you get the best dehumidifier for your cellar needs, keeping everything fresh and dry.

To view the extensive range of dehumidifiers, visit at explore the range and check out the Dehumidifier Guide.

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