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 Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc. is the first major paint company to offer recycled paints

March 22, 2011 13:29 ET

Kelly-Moore Paints Unveils the Renewal Palette: Color Trends for 2011-2012

A User-Friendly, Cost-Effective Decorating Tool to Renew, Revitalize and Restore the Home

SAN CARLOS, CA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) -   As the economic dust settles, today's homeowners are adopting a self-inflicted optimism -- renewing their lives and environments. More than ever, home has become their safe haven, a place to escape from the chaotic world. Aspiring to turn the home into an epicenter for personal retreat, they seek revitalization and renewal -- without breaking the bank.

Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc., a leader and innovator of waterborne-coating technology and the first major paint company to offer recycled paints, introduces the Renewal Palette, a color collection card of 30 new authentic paint color schemes highlighting "focus" colors within seven color "families." It gives homeowners and professionals a user-friendly and cost-effective decorating tool to enliven rooms by adding a new neutral or a splash of color. With the Renewal Palette, consumers can make personalized design choices easily with confidence.

Unlike other color collections, Kelly-Moore's Renewal Palette is designed to help homeowners simplify color selection and renew their environment without drastically changing it. This timeless color palette reflects the fashion-forward 2011 and 2012 color and design trends, while coordinating with existing colors in today's homes.

"Revitalizing a home isn't about 'out with the old, in with the new,' it's about working with what's already there, especially during this economic jolt," says Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing for Kelly-Moore Paints. "Consumers are gravitating towards optimistic, feel-good colors that lift their spirits. The Renewal Palette colors represent escapism, nostalgia and fantasy -- ideas crucial to wellbeing -- and are designed to inspire homeowners to create their own 'personal' sanctuary."

Kelly-Moore's Renewal Palette colors pair together or with existing home décor items. Each scheme takes on a different look and feel. Below are just several of the many possibilities within each color family:

Color Family: Yellow

  • Focal Color: Balsam Brown KM3997-2 -- An optimistic golden yellow signifying a desire to escape the economic shadows, Balsam Brown is the alternative to the glitzy golds of recent years. Its antique influences bring old-world charm to any environment.

Combine Balsam Brown KM3997-2 with Lavender Rose KM3766-3 and Dark Berry KM3768-5 for an elegant and modern look; with Tropical Straw KM3987-1 & Seville Scarlet HL4284-5 for an antique, Native American-inspired scheme; and with Raw Steel KM3836-2 and Ruskin Blue HL4270-3 for a warm feel.

Color Family: Orange

  • Focal Color: Remington Rust HL4267-5 -- Remington Rust is a deep, rich spicy brown-orange that is bold but nonthreatening. A down-to-earth organic hue, this color makes commercial interiors feel homier and works as an accent color to add warmth.

Combine Remington Rust HL4267-5 with The Blues KM3807-3 and Gold Rush HL4222-3 for a Persian rug-inspired scheme; with Villita 196 and Westover Hills KM3973-2 for an interior or exterior family-friendly feel; and with Sand Pebble 171 and Slate Blue HL4250-3 for a cozy look.

Color Family: Red

  • Focal Color: Gatsby Brick HL4296-5 -- This brown-based, oxidized red bursts with enthusiasm. It has Latin influences and international appeal, an ideal accent wall color when paired with a classic neutral.

Combine Gatsby Brick HL4296-5 with Highland Grass KM3974-3 and Blue Moon Bay KM3128-5 for an elegant, but laid-back scheme; with Graystone 230 and Hammered Pewter HL4263-3 for a sophisticated interior or exterior look; and with Sheffield KM3454-3 and Slate Blue HL4250-3 for an edgy, contemporary feel.

Color Family: Purple

  • Focal Color: Speakeasy HL4209-3 -- Romantic, genderless and with international appeal, Speakeasy is a mysterious purple with gray undertones that evokes a feeling of refined luxury that can be used in commercial or residential interiors.

Combine Speakeasy HL4209-3 with Tropical Straw KM3987-1 and British Khaki HL4279-3 for a safe and comfortable interior or exterior look; with Oyster 26 and Ballie Scott Sage HL4224-2 for a nurturing and energetic scheme; and with Fox Wood KM4087-3 and Owl Manner Malt HL4258-2 for a Grand Canyon-inspired feel.

Color Family: Neutral

  • Focal Color: Star of the Garden KM4004-2 -- A timeless classic, this yellow-based neutral is the perfect complement to today and tomorrow's most fashionable colors. It coordinates well with a variety of décor finishes and wood tones found in many homes.

Combine with Gothic Grey KM3837-2 and Fox Wood KM4087-3 for a garden-inspired look; with Last Light KM3774-3 and Heather Harmony KM3772-2 for a soothing interior or exterior scheme; and with New Linen 29 and Pools of Blue KM3853-2 for a natural, botanical-infused feel.

  • Focal Color: Cargo 412 -- A warm mocha with a drop of green, Cargo is inspired by weathered wood and worn leather -- a grounding companion to spicy colors.

Combine Cargo 412 with Defense AC260-5 and Malibu Beige 216 for a coastal feel; with Seville Scarlet HL4284-5 and Owl Manner Malt HL4258-2 for old-world charm; and with Windsor Toffee HL4212-2 and Ruskin Blue HL4270-3 for a refined, yet down-to-earth scheme.

Color Family: Blue

  • Focal Color: Steiglitz Fog HL4227-5 -- A dark, mysterious blue-gray, this color adds balance to today's brighter hues while providing definition to those of yesterday. It adds comfort and safety in an unstable world.

Combine Steiglitz Fog HL4227-5 with Salisbury Stone HL4282-1 and Owl Manner Malt HL4258-2 for a modern, uncomplicated scheme good for interiors or exteriors; with Umber Shadow AC250-5 and Lemongrass 213 for a traditional look; and with Sheer Exposure KM3998-3 and Federalist KM3806-2 to enliven any room.

  • Focal Color: Teal Shadow AC235-B -- This clean peacock blue with a hint of green adds honesty and serenity to any environment -- a stress-reducing color.

Combine with Windsor Toffee HL4212-2 and Frontier Shingle HL4272-5 for a nautical scheme; with Gould Gold HL4240-3 and Storm Blue Sky KM3158-2 for a fun and lively feel; and with Head for the Beach KM3965-2 and Limbert Leather HL4217-3 for an earthy, organic look.

Color Family: Green

  • Focal Color: Head for the Beach KM3965-2 -- This versatile, nature-inspired green is calmed with hints of gray and brown. It's subtle enough to work as a neutral, yet has the power to ground vibrant colors.

Combine Head for the Beach KM3965-2 with Victorian Gold KM4005-2 and Scatman Blue HL4265-3 for a quiet feel with a touch of sparkle; with Zaire AC240-5 and Grant Drab HL4271-3 to provide a cozy backdrop to lighter wood tones and fabrics; and with Seville Scarlet HL4284-5 and Cargo 412 -- a Craftsman home-inspired scheme.

  • Focal Color: Inness Sage HL4253-3 -- This deep, herbal green brings stability and timeless beauty to interiors or exteriors. It's an ideal backdrop for today's colorful décor items.

Combine Inness Sage HL4253-3 with Southwest Spirit KM4103-3 and Serengeti Safari KM3989-2 to give the home a Southwest look; with Ruskin Blue HL4270-3 and Bamboo Shoot KM3453-2 for an eco-inspired scheme; and with Crown Gold HL4232-3 and Ruskin Bronze HL4221-5 for versatility.

The Renewal Palette can be previewed at the Kelly-Moore Paints website ( by selecting the Color Tool tab, the company's Facebook page or at any of Kelly-Moore's 162 stores, where Kelly-Moore owners are pleased to assist. 

For questions related to color, paint selection or application, VOCs, or any other paint related query, Kelly-Moore's painters (pros or DIY consumers) can call 1-888-MR-PAINT, email or, visit or any of Kelly-Moore's nearest stores, where each Kelly-Moore employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service. 

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