Kelso Technologies Inc.

Kelso Technologies Inc.

June 04, 2013 09:00 ET

Kelso Technologies Inc.: New Patent Filed for Bottom Outlet Valve

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA and LISLE, ILLINOIS--(Marketwired - June 4, 2013) - Kelso Technologies Inc. (the "Company" or "Kelso") (TSX VENTURE:KLS) (OTCQX:KEOSF)

The Company reports that it has filed a patent application for a new Bottom Outlet Valve (BOV) design for use on new rail tank cars and retrofits of existing rail tank cars. The new BOV involves detailed proprietary and engineering knowledge based on specific customer specifications and adoption criteria. Our new BOV design features several materials and mechanical engineering innovations that are intended to lead to a "best available technology" ranking for our new commercial BOV when it is released.

The patent was filed on June 3, 2013 under a "Non-Publication Request" which keeps the patent filing private until the patent is issued. We have done this for competitive reasons as keeping our invention out of the eyes of our competition until we launch the commercial product carries various market advantages for Kelso. Our competition will most likely become aware of our BOV as we go to service trial, however they will not have enough details on the design to allow them to try to circumvent our ideas. The final patent will probably take 2 years or more to be granted and carry a 17 year life starting from the date the patent is granted.

The BOV will enter Association of American Railroads (AAR) authorized service trials shortly after AAR review. The BOV is designed to be used on general purpose rail tank cars such as those used in the transport of crude oil. The service trial for non-hazardous materials is expected to last one year. Service trial for hazardous materials is expected to last for two years.

Key to our long-term success is that Kelso grows its reputation as a reliable high quality railroad equipment supplier. Our future sales growth will be based on our continuing ability to create and reliably deliver a new generation of "best available technology" products that address the demanding design criteria that our HAZMAT customers require.

Our current commercial products and patents include our External Constant Force Spring Pressure Relief Valves, "Kelso Klincher®" Manway and the BOV. Our new BOV represents the next evolution of our patented product catalogue and offers Kelso another product with an annual multi-million dollar sales potential.

About Kelso Technologies

Kelso is a railroad equipment supplier that produces and sells proprietary tank car components used in the safe loading, unloading and containment of hazardous materials during transport. Products are specifically designed to provide economic and operational advantages while reducing the potential effects of human error and environmental harm during the transport of hazardous materials.

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Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: This news release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. Forward-looking statements are indicated expectations or intentions. Forward-looking statements in this news release include that the final BOV patent will take 2 years or more to be granted; our competition will not have enough details on the design to allow them to try to circumvent our ideas; our new BOV represents the next evolution of our patented commercial product catalogue; that the BOV has an annual multi-million dollar revenue opportunity; that BOV will go into service on railway cars; and that our patent portfolio can protect our intellectual property. The Company's products involve detailed proprietary and engineering knowledge and specific customer adoption criteria, hence factors that could cause actual results to be materially different include that we may be unsuccessful in raising any additional capital needs that may arise; we may not have sufficient capital to develop, produce and deliver new orders; product development may face unexpected delays; orders that are placed may be cancelled; anticipated order deliveries may be rescheduled to future periods; product may not perform as well as expected; markets may not develop as quickly as anticipated or at all; and operations may run into permit, labor or other problems. Our patent applications may be rejected, and even if granted, may be successfully challenged. Further, we are reliant on certain key employees who may leave the Company and we may be unable to protect or defend our intellectual property. Investors are cautioned against placing undue reliance on forward-looking statements. We assume no responsibility to update these forward looking statements except to the extent required by law.

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