SOURCE: Kenactiv Innovations Inc.

May 02, 2013 11:00 ET

Kenactiv Innovations Launches Kenaf Nonwoven Products Designed for Compatibility and Performance With Acrodur® Resins in Natural Fiber Composite Applications

Kenactiv Innovations Inc, the Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Renewable Natural Fiber Products in North America, Has Launched a Line of Natural Fiber Nonwovens From Kenaf Designed for Compatibility With Acrodur® Resins From BASF, and Optimized for Performance Using Existing and Emerging Composite Technologies

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - May 02, 2013) -  Kenactiv Innovations Inc (OTCQB: OPHI) ("Kenactiv") today announced the launch of a line of nonwoven mats ("felts") designed in consultation with BASF Corporation, makers of Acrodur® resins, for compatibility and performance in natural fiber composites using the VOC-free, water-based acrylics. These products can replace injection-molded plastics and other materials at significantly reduced weights and no reduction in strength, and with a significantly improved environmental profile.

Kenactiv, a leading manufacturer of natural fiber and nonwoven products for composites and other applications, and BASF began collaborating in early 2012. The companies agreed to work together to develop a custom natural fiber substrate product specifically matched to Acrodur® resins and optimized for existing and emerging manufacturing technologies. Importantly, the Acrodur® and Kenactiv solutions can present a drop-in solution without the need for high new capital investment and can be processed using most conventional machinery.

"Increasingly, manufacturers are realizing not just the sustainability benefits of these state-of -the-art composite solutions, but also the performance value and process cost reductions they can achieve," said Christopher E. Galvin, Chairman, President and CEO of Kenactiv. "These products yield composites that have a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than fiberglass, are less abrasive to machinery, and provide excellent acoustic insulation."

In addition to an extremely favorable environmental profile, kenaf has particular suitability to these types of applications due to its higher inherent thermal tolerance, low specific gravity, and unparalleled absorptive capacity among natural materials. Kenactiv's proprietary treatment for water resistance enhances the fiber's resin interface, and innovative processing methodologies yield higher structural integrity and add tensile strength to the mats.

"While Acrodur® can be used with a variety of natural and synthetic substrates, we found our manufacturing customers were most eager to maximize Acrodur®'s performance and sustainability value by pairing it with natural fiber substrates, but wanted a drop-in solution," said Henning Karbstein, in charge of New Business Development for Acrodur® in North America. "While BASF works with all partners for this technology, we like to see that Kenactiv's solutions provide both the compatibility with Acrodur® and supply chain solutions manufacturers in North America require - including the plan to use soon natural fibers grown and processed in the region."

Acrodur® is an eco-friendly water-based acrylic resin with excellent bonding performance, completely formaldehyde-free, and free of potentially hazardous cross linker chemistry. It produces highly durable results with excellent chemical resistance and bio-stability. For additional information on natural fiber composite solutions, visit the websites of Kenactiv and BASF.

Kenactiv Innovations Inc. ("Kenactiv") is a manufacturer of products made from kenaf supplying rapidly expanding U.S. industrial and consumer demand for natural fiber solutions. Kenaf is a rapidly renewable crop with an extremely favorable environmental footprint and applications in a broad range of industries. Kenactiv's innovative processes and technologies activate the tremendous power of kenaf to make many of the products the world relies on better while also reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing, distributing and disposing of them. The Company, headquartered in Scottsdale (AZ), was founded in 2008 in Snow Hill (NC) where it owns and operates a 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility. For more information, visit, and follow @kenactiv on Twitter.

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