November 19, 2007 10:00 ET

Kent McCord, Actor and 1st National V.P. of Screen Actors Guild, Gives Wi-Fi TV an Exclusive One Hour Interview to Launch

McCord Discusses Past, Present and Future of Acting and History of TV, Video and Internet Residual Payments to Writers, Directors and Actors

HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVN) today launches, a new interactive Internet TV station inspired by the current writers' strike in Hollywood. In an exclusive one hour video interview, career actor and longtime advocate for the rights of Hollywood talent, Mr. Kent McCord, 1st National Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild, speaks with the founder of Social InternetTV™, Alex Kanakaris, Chairman of Wi-Fi TV™.

The latest Internet TV station to be distributed globally on the Wi-Fi TV platform, WritersVoiceTV™ (, Topic: WritersVoiceTV), is a showcase for the viewpoints of the creative community of Hollywood and a forum for issues pertaining to content and the Internet. Kent McCord is one of the most passionate and experienced voices representing the creative community.

Mr. McCord ( recently became the voice for Gander Mountain,, a hunting, fishing and outdoors chain of stores located in 25 states. During the past year he has also been very busy as the 1st National V.P. of the Screen Actors Guild, including testifying on behalf of a bill concerning the right of publicity.

Born in Los Angeles in 1942 (Kent Franklin McWhirter), Kent grew up in Baldwin Park, California.

In 1962, Kent married his high school sweetheart, Cynthia Lee Doty, and today are the proud parents of daughters Kristen, and Megan, and a son, Michael.

Kent starred on the football team at Baldwin Park High School. After graduation, he attended Citrus Junior College and then accepted a football scholarship to the University of Utah in 1962


In February of 1961, Kent played in a touch football game. The team was captained by Ricky Nelson, and Elvis Presley led the opposing squad. As a result of this game, Kent began a friendship with Ricky Nelson that quickly led to his first acting job on the immensely popular series "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet." At first a background player, Kent soon became a regular on the show, and would appear as part of America's favorite family for the next five years.

Kent's career as a professional actor had begun and during this time he worked on a multitude of films and television shows doing bits, background and stunts. He was in many of Elvis Presley's films, "Viva Las Vegas," "Girl Happy," "Kissin' Cousins," and "Roustabout."

In November of 1965, Universal singed Kent to a long-term contract. He appeared in shows such as "McHale's Navy" and "The Virginian" and several appearances on Jack Webb's "Dragnet." It was his appearances on "Dragnet" that led Bob Cinader and Jack Webb, the producers, to cast Kent as one the stars in their brand new series: "Adam-12."


With partner Martin Milner, Kent helped propel "Adam-12" to the top of the ratings and into television history. A worldwide phenomenon, "Adam-12" aired from 1968-1975, a span of 174 episodes that continue to air today.

Another great moment was when legendary film director John Ford, who was a big fan of the show, visited the "Adam-12" set. Being able to sit with the great director and hear his wonderful stories and fond memories was an incredible thrill for Kent, who grew up admiring Ford's films.

Kent and Martin Milner have made numerous personal appearances together, including co-hosting the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for NBC. Kent and Martin also hosted numerous telethons across the country, including the Variety Club Telethon in Nashville, Tennessee, starring Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Roger Miller.


Appearing on a top rated television show offered Kent many tremendous opportunities. A lifelong car-racing fan, Kent has competed as a driver in automobile races such as the annual Toyota Pro Celebrity Challenge in Long Beach, California, and Watkins Glen, New York. He has also competed in several professional racing series in the Sports Car Club of America and IMSA, in such events as the 12 Hours of Sebring.


After "Adam-12," Kent starred with Barry Van Dyke in the ABC series "Galactica 1980," and in the 1989 NBC series "UNSUB." He has recently appeared in recurring roles in the NBC series "Seaquest DSV," and the USA Networks "Renegade," "Silk Stalkings," and "Pacific Blue," as well as the SCI-FI Channels "Farscape" and the hit CBS series "Jag."

Among his other television, film, and theatrical credits are "Marcus Welby," "Ironside," "The Outsider," "Ba Ba Blacksheep," "The Love Boat," "Monsters," "MacGyver," "Private Eye," "The Highwayman," "J.J. Starbuck," "21 Jump Street," "Murder, She Wrote," "DarkSkies," "Lawless," "Diagnosis Murder," "Joey and Dad," "Merv Griffin," "Laugh-In," "Hollywood Squares," "The Tonight Show," and others. Movies for television include "Dragnet 66," "The Outsider," "Shadow Over Elveron," "Jigsaw," "Breakout," "Beg, Borrow or Steal," "Telethon," "Pine Canyon is Burning" (a pilot for NBC), "For Heaven's Sake," "Nashville Beat" (a pilot for The Nashville Network, which Kent Executive Produced and Co-Created), "DarkJustice," a CBS M.O.W., and "Accidental Meeting" for USA Cable.

His movies include "The Young Warriors," "Did you Hear about the One the Traveling Saleslady," "Conquest of Earth," "Airplane II-The Sequel," "Predator II," "Illicit Behavior," and "Return of the Living Dead III-Ashes." His last legitimate theater appearance was on the famous Kenley Circuit "In Tunnel of Love" with Martin Milner. He has just completed roles in the movies "Run Ronnie Run," "Megiddo-The Omega Code 2," and stars with Erin Grey in "Woman's Story."


For ten years, Kent was a member of the Celebrity All Stars Basketball team that played throughout Southern California to help raise money to support various charities.

Kent has also worked for his fellow actors, having served on The Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors, as well as serving four years as its first Vice President. He chaired the Children's Committee, which helped fashion protections for child performers throughout the world. In 1999, Kent received the prestigious Ralph Morgan Award, named after The Screen Actors Guild's first President, which is given by SAG members to honor another member's devotion to the cause of actors.

On October 14, 2000, Kent and Martin Milner received The Jack Webb Award given by the LA Police Historical Society for their support of the LAPD and the community it serves.


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