SOURCE: Kevron, Inc.

August 22, 2006 11:22 ET

Kevron, Inc. Releases Fully-Customizable Pulsed Fiber Laser Marking Systems

LOUISVILLE, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2006 -- Kevron, Inc., a leader in pulsed fiber laser marking system manufacturing, introduces the Elite Mark V, X, and XX (5, 10, 20 watts respectively) pulsed fiber laser marking systems capable of marking on any metal, most plastics and a myriad of other substrates.

The systems are designed for stand-alone, tabletop operation, or complete integration in automated production lines. This newest line of products offers maintenance-free operation, high reliability, optimized pulse duration and a high repetition rate for marking applications for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and other industries.

Systems include state-of-the-art Ytterbium doped fiber lasers manufactured by the recognized industry leader, IPG Photonics. These pulsed fiber lasers use a unique technology that eliminates sensitive optical components and radically increases diode life, thus greatly extending the laser life to 50,000-100,000 hours.

The powerful, proprietary system software is designed in-house, allowing for fully-customized design. The software includes all marking functions including alpha numeric (linear & elliptical), bar codes, data matrix, UID and graphics, with Drag and Drop or Cartesian GUIs selectable by user preference.

All systems are completely sealed from external air and debris, and are modular in design for quick component change out. The systems are completely air-cooled, eliminating the cost and maintenance of water chillers. The airflow is completely segregated from any electronic components, eliminating the need for filters.

The Elite Mark fiber laser marking systems offer several distinct advantages over traditional DPSS Nd:Yag and Nd:YVO4 (Vanadate) systems:

--  Over five times the life expectancy with a more robust laser source
--  Support 4 axis motion control
--  Multiple Class I enclosures available
--  Extended temperature range and control for extreme environments
--  90% useful power output range and a maximum operating temperature of
    113 degrees F
--  Competitive pricing from $38,000 for base models
--  Complete systems are warranted for 2 years
About Kevron

With over fifteen years' experience in the laser marking industry, Kevron's founders have one goal -- unequaled flexibility to tailor systems to each individual customer's requirements. Kevron, located in the high-tech corridor between Boulder and Denver, Colorado, was created as a laser marking industry spinout filling a niche for user friendly, integration-ready laser marking systems.

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