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October 05, 2016 06:00 ET

Key Benefits of ProCharge Energy Plus as a Pre-Workout

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - October 05, 2016) - ProCharge® Liquid Protein's new energy-based protein supplement, ProCharge® Liquid Protein Energy Plus, includes a proprietary energy matrix that includes coconut water, Beta Alanine, and caffeine, which amounts to more than 2 cups of coffee per serving. Besides the evident energy aid, ProCharge® Liquid Protein Energy Plus provides many benefits to health conscious people looking for a good pre-workout.

Here is why ProCharge® Liquid Protein Energy Plus is ideal for a pre-workout supplement:

- Increases Endurance

Branch chain amino acids change the way your body uses carbs and fats, which are your primary fuel sources. Extreme endurance puts increased demands on the body, and often more protein is require to prevent the body from entering into a catabolic state. Whey Protein Isolate kick-starts the recovery process.

- Reduces Fatigue

Branch chain amino acids plus Whey Protein Isolate have the ability to ward off the mental fatigue that comes with long workouts. This is primarily because of the relationship between low branch chain amino acids and tryptophan. Whey Protein Isolate takes far less time to digest than food, allowing your blood stream to not become depleted by digestion and preserve your energy.

- Increases Mental Focus

By getting rid of tryptophan, branch chain amino acids improve your short-term memory and processing abilities. This helps with focus and performing better for long periods of time.

- Helps Regulate and Improve Muscle Protein Synthesis During Exercise

Encouraged by the branch chain amino acids combined with the stress of your workout, your muscles will have everything they need to grow and be better prepared for your next workout. The great thing about ProCharge's branch chain amino acids, specifically, is that they don't need to be processed by your liver. After they're absorbed, they head directly to your blood stream to be picked up by your muscles.

About ProCharge® Liquid Protein Energy Plus

ProCharge Liquid Protein Energy Plus is the most versatile protein and energy-based supplement on the planet. Our liquid protein supplement allows you to achieve your 30 grams of protein intake in every 2oz. bottle in 3 healthy ways: in your favorite beverage, in your next meal, or straight from the bottle, while also providing an energy supplement that will give you the boost you need. Our energy matrix includes coconut water, Beta Alanine, and caffeine, which amounts to more than 2 cups of coffee per serving. ProCharge Liquid Protein Energy Plus still allows you to intake sugar-free, fat-free and carbohydrate-free protein and added energy boost while still experiencing the uplifting taste of Bold Black Cherry, Lemon Lime Zest, or Fierce Fruit Punch.

The makers of ProCharge® Liquid Protein are confident that their product is unlike anything else in the market, providing a versatile approach to protein consumption. With the incorporated energy matrix, consumers will get plenty of energy complimented by 30 grams of protein per serving (1 bottle), 120 calories per serving, 0 Carbs/Fat/Sugar and all of the essential branch chain amino acids.

The advantage of ProCharge® Liquid Protein is the versatility, ease of use, and the delivery of the highest amount of protein per dose on the market. It also provides all of the branch chain amino acids, the critical building blocks for protein in the body. This product provides one of the highest bioavailability rates of protein on the market compared to other forms of protein. ProCharge® Liquid Protein is ideal for individuals following a high protein diet or for fitness-conscious people looking for a healthy protein supplement.

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