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Key Challenges and Issues facing the China Luxury Dressing Market Report, 2008

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China Luxury Dressing Market Report, 2008

China's luxury market maintains a growth rate of 20%-30% annually, ranking first in the world. World Luxury Association said that China's luxury consumption in 2007 (jewelry, dress, leather goods, perfume, excluding private plane and yacht) reached US$8 billion, taking up 18% of the global total.

In the luxury market, dress takes up 32% of the total value, perfume and cosmetics 23%, watch and jewelry 20%, ornaments and accessories 19%, home 3% and dinning table decorations 3%.

According to statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, export volume of the top six international clothing brands to China, LV, Gucci, Dior, Versace, Prada and Fendi has increased year by year since 2005 and their sales revenue in China is also on the upward trend.

1. Global Luxury Dressing Market
1.1 Features 
1.2 Global Market 

2. Background of China Luxury Dressing Market

3. Market Analysis of China for Foreign Luxury Dressing
3.1 Environment 
3.2 Economic Environment 
3.3 Features of Consumer Groups
3.4 Market Characteristics and Trend 
3.5 Strategic Model to Enter China Market

4. Problems of Foreign Luxury Dressing Development in China

5. Performance of Foreign Dressing Brands in china 
5.1.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.1.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.1.3 Sales Status
5.1.4 Development Strategy
5.2.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.2.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.2.3 Sales Status 
5.2.4 Development Strategy 
5.3.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.3.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.3.3 Sales Status
5.3.4 Development Strategy 
5.4 DIOR
5.4.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.4.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.4.3 Sales Status 
5.4.4 Development Strategy
5.5.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.5.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.5.3 Sales Status 
5.5.4 Development Strategy 
5.6.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.6.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.6.3 Sales Status 
5.6.4 Development Strategy 
5.7.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.7.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.7.3 Sales Status
5.7.4 Development Strategy
5.8.1 Background to Enter China Market
5.8.2 Market Competitive Edge
5.8.3 Sales Status 
5.8.4 Development Strategy 

6. Development Trend of China Luxury Dressing Market

7. Risks Analysis of Foreign Luxury Dressing in China

8. Suggestions 

Top Six Luxury Clothing Brands Export to China, 2005-2007 
Global Luxury Market Share, 2007
GDP Growth Rate of China and Other Regions in the World, 2003-2008
Living Standard of China Urban Residents
Annual Expenditure on Apparel by Each Family of China Urban Residents
Medium-income or above and Its Proportion to All Consumption 
Annual Growth Rate of China Urban Residents with Varied Income 
Locations of Shanghai Henglong Square and Shanghai Jin Jiang
Dickson Center
Beijing Wangfu Restaurant and China World Shopping Mall
Shanghai GDP and GDP Growth rate, 2003-2008
Living Standard of Shanghai Citizens
Comparison of Per-capita Disposable Income Index between Shanghai
and China 
Beijing GDP and GDP Growth Rate
Per-capita Expenditure & Income of Beijing Urban Families with
Different Income 
(unit: CNY)
Comparison of Per capita Disposable Income among Beijing,
Shanghai and China (unit: CNY)
Guangdong GDP and GDP Index (unit: CNY100 million)
Apparel Luxury Information Channel of Chinese Consumers 
Consumption Channel Structure of China Luxury
Clothing Consumers 
LOUIS VUITTON Head Office and Hong Kong Flagship Shop
Distribution of LOUIS VUITTON Shops in China
All Products of LOUIS VUITTON 
All Products of Dior
Sales Structure of Dior by Product (unit: euro mil.) 
Dior Revenue by Region. 2003-2008
Global Market Share of Dior
Gucci Store Distribution in Mainland China 
VALENTINO Agency in Mainland China
VALENTINO Store Distribution in China
Armani Store Distribution in Mainland China
Apparel products of Armani
Future Growth of China Apparel Luxury Market

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