June 25, 2013 08:00 ET

KeyMe Makes Sure New Yorkers Never Get Locked Out Again

New York Based Startup KeyMe Launches in Five 7-Eleven® Stores Across Manhattan to Provide Customers Access to Their Keys Any Time of Day or Night

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - New York based startup KeyMe today announced the launch of first-of-their-kind, self-service kiosks in five 7-Eleven® stores across Manhattan. The new kiosks provide customers with 24-hour access to their home or office keys, safely and securely. Customers can use the kiosks to make on-the-spot duplicate keys, as well as store a digital copy of their keys, which can then be accessed in the event of a lockout.

With KeyMe, you no longer need a physical key in order to make a copy, which means that once you store your "digital key," you will never have to worry about losing your keys again. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an emergency locksmith, you can simply log in at any KeyMe kiosk to create a duplicate in less than a minute, 24 hours a day.

Ensuring maximum safety and security, KeyMe uses the most advanced level of encryption, requires fingerprint authentication for account login, and employs multiple additional security measures. The service does not store addresses or any other data that could be used to match key information with a location. 

"We have all faced the immense inconvenience and unnecessary cost of getting locked out -- our KeyMe kiosks provide the ultimate solution to this problem," said Greg Marsh, CEO of KeyMe. "KeyMe acts as your digital key chain, making sure you can always get into your home or office."

"KeyMe provides useful solutions to the common problem of key duplication through its unique, self-service offering," said Jens Molbak, Founder of Coinstar. "They are also bringing much needed innovation to the locksmith industry and I am excited for their future. KeyMe is very similar to Coinstar and I am delighted to be involved with the company as a board member and investor."

"Benchmark is thrilled to have been selected by KeyMe to design and manufacture their groundbreaking KeyMe kiosks," said Mark Troutman, Vice President of U.S. Design Engineering at Benchmark. "We are excited to utilize our strong core competency in complex, high-end technology to make this product a reality."

Storing a digital copy of your keys is free, and creating a key when you are locked out costs $19.99. On-the-spot duplicates created from physical keys cost $3.49 for a basic brass key and $5.99 for a decorative key. KeyMe offers a range of decorative key designs, from its signature bottle opener key to sports themes and others.

The first two kiosks are already active in stores at 1594 York Ave. and 224 5th Ave. Another three will be installed this week at 368 8th Ave., 676 Amsterdam Ave. and 351 Bowery St.

About KeyMe
KeyMe kiosks offer a quick, easy and convenient way to access your house, office or apartment keys. At any KeyMe kiosk, customers can scan and store digital copies of their keys and create duplicate copies via the kiosks anytime they need them, 24 hours a day. Based in New York and founded in 2012, the company is funded by Battery Ventures, the founder of Coinstar and the founder of Virgin Mobile, among others. For more information, please visit

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