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August 14, 2015 15:00 ET

Keyrus Receives the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year Award' by Qlik and Matches the Donation to Two International Charities

The Keyrus Group, Subsidiary BIPB, Wins the Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year Award by Qlik®, Honoring Its Outstanding Achievement and Innovation With Non-Profit-Organizations; Keyrus Doubled the Award Donation Which Went to Support the British Heart Foundation and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 14, 2015) - As an international player in Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics) and Digital technology, and a Qlik® Elite Solutions partner, Keyrus announced that it has been recognized by Qlik for its corporate social responsibility efforts. Keyrus also released new set of Data Intelligence business solutions, powered by Qlik, to further meet the needs of non-profit organizations globally.

Previously honored as '1st Qlik Partner in France' and 'Best Solution Provider' for the last two years, Keyrus's UK and US subsidiary BIPB, received the Qlik Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year Award at the 2015 Qlik Qonnections event, the organization's annual global partner summit, in April.

"We are thrilled to receive an award for this type of cause," said Scott Hanrahan, US Operations Manager at BIPB. "The recognition will naturally help expand our CSR operations going forward."

"Social responsibility practices are a natural match for the people we hire," continued Katie Richardson, Global Head of Recruitment at BIPB. "Our consultancy model encourages both technical and non-technical ways to give back."

The Qlik Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year Award recognizes BIPB Group's commitment to using Qlik products to make the world a better place and comes with a $1,000 donation on Keyrus' behalf to a non-profit organization of its choice. The Keyrus Group offered to match that $1,000 donation. The $2,000 total donation will be split between the British Heart Foundation and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"Qlik strives to help the worlds' most vulnerable people by providing sustainable solutions to help enhance recipients' quality of living for the long term. Partners play an important role in this effort by helping to extend the value of the Qlik software and enabling users to achieve even better results," said Peter McQuade, Global Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at Qlik. "The Keyrus Group and BIPB have been an excellent partner in this cause as they have helped propel the analytics practices at two of our major US grant recipients."

''As an international and multicultural company which respects and defends social responsibility and strong ethical principles, Keyrus is very proud of receiving a prize in this area this year," declares Eric Cohen, Founder & CEO of Keyrus. "This award recognizes Keyrus' know-how, the quality of its work in integrating and assisting with solutions, and its ability, year after year, to cultivate and renew the trust of businesses using the solution."

In addition to servicing grant recipients directly and as a Qlik partner, the Keyrus Group recently released a Fundraising Analysis dashboard in Qlik® Sense on Qlik Market intended for non-profits. It tracks KPIs such as new and lost donors by type and geographical location and includes financial analysis of revenues versus expenses. Organizations can download it and plug their data into the accompanying Excel template to load into Qlik Sense, seamlessly populating the Fundraising Analysis dashboard with custom data for self-service data discovery. This is available here:

Keyrus and its subsidiary BIPB have been working together with Qlik for the last 10 years and today has more than 200 clients using Qlik solutions in France and internationally. These clients, of all sizes and from all sectors, are advised and assisted by a global team of consultants who are experts in QlikView. Keyrus has posted very good commercial performances internationally since 2011 when the Group was chosen to sign one of the first agreements on a worldwide level and thereby meet the needs of its clients effectively across ten countries.


A major player in the field of consulting on, and the integration of, Data Intelligence and Digital solutions for Large Accounts and of ERP/CRM solutions for the Mid-Market, Keyrus currently has more than 2100 employees in 15 countries on 4 continents and assists its clients in optimizing their efficiency and performance by offering them a full range of services in the following areas:

  • Management & Transformation Consulting
  • Business Intelligence - Information Management - Big Data & Analytics - EPM
  • Digital Strategy and Performance - Digital Commerce - Customer Relations & Digital CRM
  • Management Solutions for the Enterprise (ERP/CRM)

The Keyrus Group is quoted in compartment C of the Eurolist of Euronext Paris (Compartment C/Small caps - ISIN Code: FR0004029411 - Reuters: KEYR.PA - Bloomberg: KEY: FP)

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BIPB is a consulting firm specializing in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Big Data Strategy with an established and growing global presence. Our core principles are delivering technology that enables end-user simplicity, self-service, and an engaging visual representation of data. We solve the skills shortage in data industries by educating consultants in our world class Data Academies. BIPB is located in several countries: United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates.

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