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December 04, 2015 19:02 ET

Keyvan Samini -- Speaks on the Tech Industry's "Brain Drain" Crisis

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - December 04, 2015) - Chief Strategy Officer at RFaxis Inc., Keyvan Samini was recently invited to speak at the University of California, Irvine and share his expert opinion on the current "Brain Drain" crisis in the United States. With more than half of US tech startups being formed by foreign born individuals and more than a quarter of the newly developed disruptive technology being attributed to foreign born scientists and engineers, many of whom are Chinese, the advancement of the US tech industry is highly reliant on providing incentives to keep the foreign-exchange students in America after graduation. Samini noted that in the recent years, thousands of highly educated engineers and scientists have begun to return to China after being awarded their advanced degrees in the US. During his speech, Samini presented a very compelling argument urging the US government to address this situation, which could potentially cause major economic and social concerns in the future.

Most of the developing countries send students to obtain their higher education abroad. Samini pointed out the difference in the Chinese foreign-exchange students: "Until recently, most of them have not returned to China after completing their studies, forcing the Chinese government to launch a series of programs in the mid-1990s aimed at luring experts from abroad to Chinese universities." Among the offered programs were bonuses up to $160,000, guaranteed salaries, and even free housing. In 2011, a program called the "Foreign Expert Thousand-Talent Scheme" was also launched and began to attract the non-Chinese highly educated professionals to pursue their careers in China. Samini explained that with its aggressive strategies in soliciting foreign talent, many of whom have been educated in the US, as well as its drastically increased spending on academic institutions, the Chinese government has been able to successfully attract talent from the US.

"The American brain drain is gaining momentum at a frightening pace," asserted Samini. "According to a recent Harvard poll, an overwhelming 90% of Chinese students presently studying in the US intend to return home after their education is complete. The same study found that of the talent who had already returned home, 51% had Master's degrees and 41% had Doctorate degrees." Among the majority of reported reasons for this change in trend were better quality of life, better family values, and greater economic opportunities in the surveyed students' home country.

Keyvan Samini expressed his concern regarding the US taking its science and engineering talent for granted, much to the benefit of foreign countries, who are effectively reacquiring skilled and highly educated employees. "For the United States to remain the leader in development of disruptive technology, we must take action through the implementation of programs that will increase the quality of life and address the loss of foreign talent," urged Samini. "Businesses cannot do this alone. The US government must step in and create programs that can compete with the incentives offered by the Chinese government."

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