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October 16, 2014 08:05 ET

KFC Cooks Up a Sweet and Spicy Delight With NEW "Sweet Chili Crunch" Recipe

New Recipe, Sweet With A Touch of Heat - KFC Like You've Never Had It Before!

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 16, 2014) -

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Starting October 20th KFC Canada is delighting fans with a new sweet and spicy flavour addition to the menu - KFC Sweet Chili Crunch! The innovative new Sweet Chili Crunch promises to provide the Colonel's fans KFC like they've never had it before.

"If there is one thing we love as much as innovation, it is our fans," says David Vivenes, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Canada. "KFC lovers have been asking for a new and exciting recipe in addition to our famous and beloved original recipe, and we are so proud to introduce this sweet, spicy and crunchy limited-time offering to our fans."

Classic Flavours Packing Amazing Taste

KFC Sweet Chili Crunch chicken is marinated overnight in secret spices to deliver a touch of heat, breaded by hand and made the "hard way" by the KFC cooks - inspired by the caring way the Colonel made his famous original chicken recipe. "KFC Sweet Chili Crunch lives up to its namesake with a sweet, crunchy experience waiting in every bite," says Vivenes. "It's a satisfying and surprising new addition to every family's dinner night!"

Special care and cooking preparations are given to ensure that each piece of chicken is juicy and tender on the inside with a crispier bite on the outside - the way of making chicken that only KFC can.

Certified Cooks' Commitment = The World's Most Famous Chicken, Certified!

Beyond flavour innovation like you've never had it before, KFC Canada is also highlighting its commitment to great food through its Cook Certification program that is being rolled out across Canada.

"Our cooks go through rigorous training and are committed to making the best-tasting chicken in the world the "hard way" every day," explains Vivenes.

In order to prepare the perfect Sweet Chili Crunch chicken as well as other delicious chicken recipes, KFC cooks have to learn and execute several steps from marination to hand-breading and will be certified based on the mastery of their craft.

Starting this Fall KFC locations across Canada will roll out new initiatives to recognize the cooks' commitment to quality and taste.

"From the original chicken recipe that the world has come to love to our latest Sweet Chili Crunch innovation, we're proud of our food, the variety and quality we offer," said Vivenes. "We want our customers to know that we don't cut corners, we always make it the "hard way" - and we also want them to know the person who prepares their favourite chicken daily."

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